Monday, June 30, 2008
Hello ^-^ i have no idea why i used that emo-con even though i'm not THAT happy...NO i'm not emoing....ok mabe i'm a little...=.=''' RAWRS i hate feeling emo...why? LOL unless i trust you, you would never find out =.='''

Anyway yesterday (nearly typed today =.=''') was Gman's birthday...yeap his house wasdamn big O.O''' IT HAD A THEARTE downstairs WTHwthWTH!Anyway it was sorta/kinda fun? ok lah at least it be more fun than ANY party i hold (RAWR!!!i suck at planning....can't even plan an outing or get together, let alone a party zzz...... =.=''') so anyway got him a present hope you like it...while at the party i was singing my heart (and probably throat and lungs out) a guy actually ask me be on his band for an event!LOL that band gets PAID i that good? =/ and also Kiiro ( who should be joshua aka. yoshi from SGSS) tagged saying he wan co produce CD...LOL EH KIROO IF U do GET IN MEDIACORP GIVE ME A CHANCE LOL!!!o and before i forget, heres a song for gman for the day he was born

Some of you people after reading what i wrote above might think i'm like desperate to be known....or famous...well who wouldn't want ot be famous? but seriously IF I DO GO INTO MUSIC (which has a probability of less than 5% of happening now =.=''') I'll do it because i love music. To me being a musician/performer, your music comes first over money and fame.

Why do i love music? well it helps me express some of my feelings in a way that i probably wouldn't be able to express myself....for example this song

Yeap...basically it's a love song about how much you willing to go for the one you love....even to the point of death.Kiro (Joshua) wrote on his blog about how he feels about dying for the one he loves...and frankly i carry a different perspective on that.I would still die for the one i seriously...okok this sounds like self praise...RAWR....anyways that song means alaot to me too because it doesn't just represent how i feel bout YOU (who probably don't read my blog/ don't know i'm talking bout YOU) it also represents how i feel about all my friends!
Steph, Jamie, and dare i say it =.=''''Gman,and my god sis cory yea...there are more too like *cough*delight*cough* even though she doesn't treat me like a friend i still treat her like one...yeaps...Jamie you that time asked what i mean by protect HER right? i guess this songs the answer i wan give in a nutshell?

I'm feeling rawr-ish today so to end this post i bid u a fond farewell RAWR! XDD

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Thursday, June 26, 2008
Meomories of You by Joel ~

As i look around,
I'm reminded of you.
Reminded of the times,
I bet You never knew.
In the dark,silent night,
I cry alone.
Because I know,
That I'm the one, .
who made it all disappear.
Now as i try to fix this brokeness,
I find myself likeing someone close to you.
But I dare not move.
Cause I'm haunted by memories of you.
I'm just hoping for a chance.
Not cause I want win her heart,
But also to get you back
as a friend nontheless....

RAWR i'm feeling emoish....Delight posted new pics on friendster =.=''' i'm not suppowsed to see reminded me of not to make the same mistake...but still i'm gonna day YOU will see...i just hope it doesn't turn out to be like Delight

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Yesterday & Today - Do As Infinity

As the title implies gonna blog about yesterday and today haha ok well yesterday was a GREAT day haha it was PURE awesomeness lah...(MORE awesome than Jamie the awesome XDD). Brought Skye for her first jam session? Did'nt go as plan...she received a dent to her back by who knows what or who...but that's ok i still love her as much o^.^o <3s! o and i think i was really getting into the mood at the jam session....TOO into as i snaped her A string?Lucky not her G-String....if not you see people laughing away =.='''' o well that concludes the YESTERDAY part will come later!check back for updates yea?

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Title says it all.....TOO tired to post anything of worth...promise i'll inform u guys tmr k? nights....O and tonight ROCKED XDD

hey thanks for talking to me k?haha i hope one day i would tell you i like you!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
You know i wake up almost everyday...and regret SOMETHING i have done....well i just watched a video of a race car driver by the name Scott Kalitta...heres the video of what happened

Yea I have no idea who is this...SERIOUSLY...but still i'm paying my tribute to him because an important lesson can be learnt from this...NEVER take anyone for granted because...they might be gone in a blink of the eye :'( it also reminded me not to have regrets in my life and why i wanted to protect all those who I as to perhaps prevent them form being snatched sooo suddenly from us all...And so to Scott's Family, Friends and condolences to you all...and at least be comforted by the fact that he died doing what he LOVED to do

and that is why i wan protect YOU

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Have you guys heard of the eye of the storm? In a hurricance storm system.....when everywhere is chaos, things being flung around...buildings blown away....u would expect the centre of the storm to be where the most violent winds are right? however, the centre of a hurricane is not even remotely dangerous...there are no violent winds... no fact the only thing dangerous about it is the false sense of safety it gives to people...because suround the eye is where the most violent winds are...

Thats pretty much how i feel now...i got through a rough period last night with the help of Steph and my God-Sis...still i feel quite empty inside...why?Well from yesterday's "message" you should be able to guess...I might be looking too much at it but yea....anyway after that it made me feel what i don't want to feel...alone...and that i probably won't get attached, won't get my first kiss etc. yea it's strange for a guy to think like that...but what can i say? i'm not as much as a loner as some of you guys think.....

Anyway heres a video for YOU...even though YOU probably never read my blog or even know i'm refering to you.....

And i know i posted this video before.....but don't ask why.

And lol =.='''paul twohill just walked pass and sat a few tables away...(Haven't he graduated already? O.o)

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Monday, June 23, 2008
ANYWAY TODAY WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!! Met up with my FOC group, Apple Pi...yeap to collect our HOODIES! haha even though it was a short and brief meet=up, i could still feel the energy that i felt from them, during FOC...the friendliness, the HYPERNESS lol yeap Thanks guys for another wonderful memory ^-^and heres some pics to remeber this day by...

i saw you today...again...this time u seem to look at me more?but not in a good way.....its like in a way saying you know...and that it will never come true...I'm no longer holding on to it, though i still feel something for you. so please....please don't let our friendship spoil, cause i REALLY just wan to be friends with you

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I'm really bored lol....yea...and instead of like doing my PROJECT, I'm blogging and watching music videos LOL...yea first day of school started and SERIOUSLY it felt like school didn't take a break @ in you know when you come back from a break? you have to like "get used" to school life again? the waking up early, the constant bombardment of info and felt very...well like what school was before the break....maybe it's cause i went to work?or maybe the break's too short? o's a good thing anyway...haha so anyway..she hasnt been talking to me...i wonder whether she knows? i hope not...

Anyway theres a few annoucement i wan make,first of is that the Zeta Pi Hoodies are here! For those that ordered go to NPSU's office to collect it ok?up to this thurs if i remeber correctly! ^-^

Another annoucement i wan to make is about the video of the month, as you know june is ending soon, so yea...i'll be changing the video to SOMETHING else...was wondering if u guys have any suggestions? please do the poll( if it's up ) or leave a comment on taggy on what YOU want to see? Be it my covers, Music videos, your GENRES! ahaha but strictly SFW stuff k guys?

OOO and guys please DO my johari window...haha it's interesting so help me complete it kies? more updates later....mean while here's lifehouse blind...ENJOY!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008
hello people AS PROMISED i'm posting pics of My new Beloved SKYE! haha but sorry 2 pics only haha

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Saturday, June 21, 2008
First Time By Lifehouse

Remeber the first time you did anything? and you fell instantly with it?Yeap That Describes my new electric guitar WOO~!Pics next time....but meanwhile... heres the song i'm practicing
First Time haha it also descibe what i feel about ALL my curshes...pass and present...causer everyone is a new experience.... haha ( But that doesn't mean i still like you =.=''') Ciao

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Friday, June 20, 2008
lol today's the last day of work!....and that means BABY! Tomorrow! lol...before anyone gets a heart attack...the baby i'm refering to is the elec i've been working to get...haha NO its not the Ibanez guitar i showed earlier but rather the Cort G210....need a pic?

Yeap she isn't the DREAM guitar I wanted but she'll do...i AM a beginner after all so yea........

Anyway i'm missing ALL my friends T-T this song is for you guys!ALL of you

sigh...nothing much to post heres song request by one of my friend......once again don't turn the volume up too wouldn't want anythng to break right?

O and Shiyun's back! ^-^ welcome back Shi!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008
See the title? tube should be RENAMED that man....ahaha so heres another video of me singing....>.<''''turn down the vol if not anythng break not my fault... Take me Away Capella~

anyway work is getting BORING....yea....and plus the recent insomnia spell...i been very tired too....well theres good news...tomorrow's the LAST day of work YAY! which means PAY! yeap...but....that also reminds me i haven't really done my project yet...yea =.=''''' dieeeeeee lol sians...but yes...omg the last part of the day i was like imaging me rocking out to hanging by a moment by lifehouse on my elec....O GOD I cannot wait...haha

O and shi's supposedly back today....yeap so gonna send her a welcome back msg now tata!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
I must be crazy....i actually uploaded a video of me SINGING AND PLAYING the guitar ON YOUTUBE =.=''' its a truely "historic" and probably dumb moment for me....cause....the song i played was easy..but i havnt commit it to memory yet....still...yea...i made a few errors....and its only a small part of the original....O man COMMENTS lol!Please...yea this time i WANT to improve!

Take Me Away (short) - Joel Tng

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hello peeps...yeap I'm still up even after saying my goodbyes and night. haha I cannot really sleep for some reason these days...maybe it's cause i miss her? I doubt its entirely because of her though...While talking to Steph, I realised that i didn't have a so called "Dream Girl"...i mean i do have a "Dream Date" but yea....which leads me to wonder...what are the things that make me like HER and the others i liked before...But one thing i can say for sure is that I want protect ALL of them even the ones that say I cannot be friends with them =D ( I WILL FIX THAT BROKEN FRIENDSHIP)
Also I realised I'm having a new obsession...with music and guitars...i wrote a little song for Joanna yesterday...AND i should be getting the Cort elec THIS SAT WOOHOO~! that gives me the needed energy to last this week hahao and heres one of my dream guitar...well actually its the same kind/type...but not my dream guitar haha so that concludes this post catch you guys in a bit!
The Ibanez AF75D ain't she a beauty? =D


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Sunday, June 15, 2008
Empty - The Click Five

Hey guys!Yeap after a long hiatus I'm back. Nope I've not been emo-ing or anything, just plain old busy ahaaha yeap so anyway heres the updates for the day before yesterday, yesterday and today =]


This the "book" from which i took the data and entered it into....

This Computer....yea....i'm a data logger haha

But being a teenager i obviously had time to snack....


Then headed to raffles city where i took this awesome view
YEAP had dinner there where i s5tuffed myself sily haha!

Sat was pretty standard...wth the exception that i left home earlier to meet up with david, jamie, shiyun and din to er..."celebrate" david's went to PS at 12.... the ARRANGED MEETING TIME....but david was still in pasir ris...and jamie ,shi and din were busy =.= leaving me alone to roam PS, possibly the worst place for me to be let loose...theres NOTHING i can do there so i went to yamaha and literally looked at guitars for nearly 40 mins....before deciding to leave before the staff threw me out for "hogging" their workpiece so then daavid reached late met with him, then with jamie and gang before walking a big circle to B1 then to the top floor....i hd to leaveby then so i said my goodbye and headed for guitar class. I tried out the guitars i wanted after class before slacking and heading to worship practice LATE...sigh sorry matthew >.<>.< zzzz c u guys!

Anyway for today's song i chosen Click Five's Empty...haha its a nice song...and as always IT SPEAKS TO ME! so yea enjoy

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Thursday, June 12, 2008
O GOD!...please let this prayer reach you!and please LEAVE A RESPONSE....WHY ISIT SOMEDAY I CAN SING WELL and on some i suck like shit WHY?!?!??! same applies to guitar too!why do sometimes i can have sucha great time with certain people but the next time i just cannot have fun with them, they avoid me like i got an illness so contagious....why isit people don't like me for who i am?why do certain people care at times, then at times they don't? WHY GOD WHY>>? why can't i get my love?why can't i be better looking?why can't I Have more Friends??>???WHY?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?

I realise this prayer has more I, me and myself....PLEASE HELP ME CHANGE THAT!!!!AND PLEASE HELP ME IN DECIDEDING SHOULD I GO FOR HER ?PLEASE!!!!


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Hanging By a Moment - Lifehouse

Hello peeps!Yes as you can tell(or maybe you can't...) I'm feeling long it would last remains to be seen though...Today went to work as usual...I'm almost done with the data entry....YAY!haha o and the week's coming to an end, meaning it's one week closer to my crumpler an electric guitar!Hence i chose this song hanging by a moment to be today's video...yeap Another thng making me happy is that i got the Intro of this song NAILED!!WOOHOOO! yes! now i wonder whether can find a bassist that like lifehouse den can play with dom and me ^-^ OMG i so wan ttot jam this song....

Also as you can see, i placed ads on the blog...some might find it a pain so i apologize...ia lso realised that there isn't much readers but i'm hoping that will change over time....and NO you don't HAVE to click on the ads...but if you do see anything interesting please click!it's mostly music stuff and what yea...Also i added a link to my johari window please do!haha serious this one MUST DO! haha

anyway sat is coming wehich means the showdown ( of sorts =/) between the Cort G200 and Cort X-2, the electric guitars i'm considering....yeap haha...

and to XXXXX this song's for you!

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Broken by Lifehouse

hello guys...yes i didnt blog....ok i'm now but...anyway u get the picture...

how i type now is like what i m now...a confused MESSED UP piece of wreck which is my life, broken in other words like this i went down to talk to someone i can talk to, and hopefully find some peace...i reading Shiyun's blog, se has a song From prince casapian...yea music does AMAZING things i tell you....

then i went to JAMIE's her last part of the blog worte pretty meaningful stuff heres a snippet
"I get really disturbed when I read people's blogs and them complaining about how they think their lives are so screwed up over little things, how much homework they have, how much their parents are pissing them off and they want to die and etc etc. I know I do that sometimes, but I came to one point where I realised how lucky I am to be able to worry and get angry over things like that."
Unfortunately i'm not jamie...i cannot be like her...and well be happy for the small things cause...your life is really meangless when u r alone right?worse still ifu hav no PURPOSE/sense of Purpose in your life.....

her blog also quotes
You only find a few people in this world, a few people who will tell you they
love you, and mean it with all their heart."

yea for me i feel that i found almost none....mayb one or two but other than that....noone else....and even with these soo few ppl i know...i'm afraid that they too don't care as much as I do......

I REALLY wonder without would everyone turn out? maybe my poly friends like jamie, shiyun and steph and gman would have a BETTER friend....maybe some one might have gotten in to the course i'm in and CHANGE the industry altogether...

I REALLY want to change people's a good way of course be there for ALL my friends....when they need it....however it seems i'm doomed to remain invisible......unnoticed by the outside world.....I mean don't mind not recongised for what i do and such causse thats NOT the point....i help or listen (or try to at least) my friends so that they may not meet the same fate as me...a wondering soul with no purpose or direction....and that they be happy...i don't expect anythng in return....but i could do with some Love.......

nuyihs : this the only wway i can do this now...but i want to BE there for you...almost like your BFFs are there for you...but i cannot seem to reach you now.....>.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
You know when your laptop has a warning that it has critically low power before it hibernates so as to prevent your work from getting erased/corrupted when your laptop FINALLY runs out of battery power? Well thats KINDA my life right now in a nutshell.Why? because of how emotionally drained I feel...=.=, and how thats affecting me...NO it's not cause i keep thinking bout HER that gets me drained.It's Seeing things I know I'll NEVER EVER EXPERIENCE cause i miss the only period of time i'm able to do so.What am I talking about? read on....

Well wroking is fine and no i don't REALLY get bored ( till like its almost time to go home...) so yea...when i'm in my father's car after work, i m exhausted, tired. Come back home to a average dinner...and on the com...THEN i read people's blog and see how much FUN they are having with their FRIENDS or rather their BFFs...I mean I was pretty much a social outcast in secondary school...having to come back early after school, being shy, being different, not allowed to go ANYWHERE till like i'm sec 3...and even then i went out very little time...all this thanks to my i don't blame them...cause I'm who i am because of what i been through...ALL my friendships now, no matter whether the relationship is broken or dying, i hold VERY VERY dear to my heart...sometimes...i think i put it in front of GOD. Yes i do have friends...but most of them wouldn't even bother if i stopped in die ...i mean the closest friend i have now...well...shes a NEW friend hence we r not as close as jamie and her bff...sometimes i really stop and alive isit REALLY worth it? afriend told me it wasn't worth investing your tyime, effort and money on building human relationships cause it would end up to much as i LIKE to disagree...i truthfully cannot cause...really till now i don't think ANYONE ,except 2 or 3 people would care...i bet that even the dear readers of this blog don't care...I mean all my life spent being invisible....NO i don't want to be popular or anythng...i just..w.ant to be loved, and probably cared people wom i feel the same way too...

And this the reason why i'm so afraid to move in this rollar coaster ride between my crush and me. If i make a move, i might lose MORE THAN one friendship.If I don't i might also lose the relationship anyway...

the number of blog hits jumped about ten from last night...but so far i count ONE tagg...omg...shows you how people care huh?

So far away from where you are,
Who we are have torned us apart,
But i miss you,
and wished you were here.
I missed the days where you're around
but somehow,I know YOU wouldn't even care.
Even if i were to drown,
YOU wouldnt be sad or hurt or even just miss me

Plug me in to a friend...please?


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Monday, June 9, 2008
I got a lot of thing to blog...but no heart to blog...sigh....I'm kinda emo yea... i no hjeart to play with lyla too.....damn it.....tink sochii's bad mood rubbed off me...zzz.....also for some reason i'm GORGING myself on FOOD OMG...sigh sry ppl thats all for now

Everytime you push me away,
It seems you draw me in.
Everytime I try to forget,
You come crashing in.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008
Yes, I didn't blog yesterday and hence I'm apologising for that...(i have no idea why i apologise....the only person who gets dissapointed that i don't post is g-man... =/)

Anyway, heres what happen for Saturday.

As usual, woke up in the morning and played my Xbox, and then get ready for my guitar class @ father decided to send me there so we got into his fixed smells like glue inside that car... so yea reached Music Lab (my so called "music school") and like took off my shoes and walked towards my class...that is until a faint voice calling me. (I was wearing headphones so EVERYTHING was muffled =.=) Apparantly I was early for class...I was literally O.o, cause I have always been consistently on time/a bit late nowadays...glancing at the school's clock i realised i WAS 5 mins...LOL so anyway class was as usual, we picked off where we left off, learning Switchfoot's "Meant To Live". I gave up trying to bend Lyla's string for ANY song (in case you didn't know, Lyla is my Cort Acoustic guitar XDD) cause it is REALLY painful trying to bend her strings...hence I asked my instructor whether it was possible to get the school's electric instructor say it was ok and passed me the white Cort electric...Now I'm gonna get a red Cort Electric guitar soon, but seriously it looks SOOOOO sweet, I wouldnt mind buying it instead of the better red Cort guitar... haha we'll yea we BARELY got passed the opening of the song as my group mate is pretty slow...not that i blame him...i mean...everyone's like that when they start off right?

So anyway after guitar lesson ended at 2, I stayed back and talked to the owner of the school 'bout the gibson guitars i saw online ( OMG 3 THOUSAND dollars for an acoustic....=.=) in an effort to try and like reduce the time spent waiting for my next outing (which was at 5.30). nevertheless...I still walked out of the school and had 2 and a half hour of doing nothing...hence called tohru so as to see whether can join her at her Chinatown Point Event...she said ok and hence i went to the agreed meeting point, outram park station...when i reached there, guess what?apparently the event had finished ( or sucked sooo badly the people wanted to leave =.=), and now her group were heading towards Marina Square. So i hurried over to Marina Square and met up with Tohru and her group...I just love it when i hang out with tohru's group of sgcafe friends...i seem to be able to talk to them better and such....haha so they ate at maac before heading off for a mini photoshoot. Being around you makes the hidden feelings surface, though now to me,you and me will never be together...and only be as close as brother and sister =D

So I left at 5.08 to meet up with Zich and the other Sgcafers for the chicken rice outing.Zich brought us to his father's workplace for one of the best chicken rice i tasted.We talked alot of crap before heading to Orchard because some of them wanted to head to art friend to get "supplies". And that was followed by a walk to Plaza Singapura. During which Konzen another guy and I had a HEATEd debate haha...yea so outing was fun haha...ok...think i shall stop here...update about todya later

I headed for my other outing after that

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Friday, June 6, 2008
hey people...yea i feel emo today, I found something maybe i shouldnt have been curious and clicked on it...but seriously...for some reason...I still care about her...all my friends say since she has already made it clear we cannot be friends, I should just forget her and NOT care...but i realised...that all of the crushes i had since young, I still to a certain degree care about them...yea this sounds like self-praise right...well think whatever you guys want but this how i really feel....If only that dream i had was true...*bangs head*...i sometimes wished...I can turn back time...

anyway today, I came to school @ 8...why? Well apparently, a rock smashed my father's car windscreen...=.= had to follow my mum for once...i keep hitting my head when getting in and out of her company's car >.< style="font-size:78%;">(more like chubbier XDD) yea said hi...I have no recollection of them saying hi back or waving back sigh...i must really be hated by the world....all i can do now is wait till at night...then i can talk to one of the LAST few person that really cares...Lonely is how i feel right now...not just because I'm certain SHE would'nt like me...or that Delight wouldnever be friends wwith me again...but well...i just feel ABSOLUTELY lonely...and a great testimony to this would be my tagg board...i mean in one day as much as 16 ppl can visit this site (Which i again thank you) but only a few ever tags. No, this isn't a ploy to get you to tag. If I really mean something to you,you would leave @ least a tag once in a while right? sigh right now only gman is CONSTANTLY checking my blog...gtg update more later....but I'm sure no one will read it =.=

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Thursday, June 5, 2008
Hello people of the earth! =D today's SORTA my holiday, thanks to NO test being held today. Actually tomorrow SUPPOSEDLY is a holiday as well, but thanks to a particular teacher, theres a CLASS TEST (not common test =.=) being held tomorrow. Sigh,my sad life as a student XDD.

Anyway I JUST woke up. Ok just woke up is not exactly correct. I woke up and played 'Gears Of War', and now I'm in front of my com. Had this weird dream again last night, this time though i vaguely remember it. All I remember this time was Delight, XXXXXX, and Me talking like normal friends! ^-^ How I wish for that to be true...Is it a sign of something to come?or something that I'll NEVER see?Only time will tell I guess..

O and my mother all of a sudden ask me whether I want to work...Under NORMAL circumstances I would jump on the band wagon already...This time however, I cannot decide...This mostly due to the fact I want to go out with XXXXXX at least ONCE, and if i start working, its more than likely that i would not be able to go

Anyway today's plan is that I (FINALLY) start on my AMP project, and maybe study for the test tomorrow...yup so I'll catch you guys and gals later!

hey y'all! yeap today's update is early anywayx i DID get started on my AMP written assignment haha...anyway nth much happened today except...yea...i took the job offer...hence this as you know, drastically reduces my chances of going ou with her this the right choice to make?*sniff* and i think i'm catching a cold or something....sigh ...o well might update later again....bye!

OMG WTF WTF!!!!!!! i found Delights blog >.< style="font-size:130%;">


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Hey..I'm writing this because i REALLY CANNOT sleep. yea I'm thinking about her still but thats not the only thing keeping me awake now...FOr some reason, Tohru seems REALLY really cold to me...DId i do something wrong Tohru?>.< please tell me...

AND CHERYL LAI! HAVE A SAFE TRIP TO L.A. HOR! AND REMEMBER BUY ME SOMETHNG!!!! ok last part i joking DUN buy hor! I'll Miss YOU ALoT haha!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Hello all! YEAP NOW its 3 DOWN! one more to go!!! Anyway today's test is Aerospace Materials & Processes, and it is supposedly the most difficult test of all...and YES it WAS SOMEWHAT DIFFICULT...haha...well it was ok...passable...i hope haha...

Well I'm gonna summarize what i originally planned to write....caus ei m suffering a MAJOR headache... well I had a dream...a WEIRD ONE... however, the wierd part i'm not going to elaborate, the part i wanted elaborate was on WHO was in my dream...It was some one i never thought i dream about again...=.= now i m feeling sorta guilty...i mean...i like XXXXXX but it right for me to do so?

anyway after the test, went to play abit of basketball with yizhuang den watched taxi with gman....tats all now goin to rest my head....bye y'all!

"Do you like me?" is what i'll ask,
But I know I'll never get the chance.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Hey all! Haha back again! Well, Common Test isn't as hard as I thought (just finished 2 past year common test papers) so yea I can blog pretty much as much as I normally do. Which, in recent days, have been a post a day. Haha yea so anyway there isn't much to post about NOW...I mean the day just started, and i haven't even taken my Engineering Maths Common Test yet...So instead I should rant about yesterday's soccer game between Singapore And Uzbekistan.

Okay I HAVEN'T been watching soccer as much as I used to. But even I can tell an absurd performance when i see one. The Singapore Government was right to drop the GOAL2010 Campaign thing...cause from the performance yesterday night, if Singapore qualified for the World Cup, it really would have been a walk in the park for MOST of the teams if not ALL.

I actually first started watching the match with great anticipation, because before the game, i was pretty confident Singapore COULD win if they were playing at their best for that game. This (wishful) hope of mine continued for the first opening minutes of the game. Both teams had chances and close misses, and even though Singapore's defence was VERY weak (I never seen any defence get ripped to shreds like that outside of computer games O.o), I TRUELY believe that Singapore would pick it's act sooner or later. Unfortunately, that was not the case. In fact, Singapore NEVER picked up it's act, and in the end they lost by a VERY huge margin ( S:3 -U: 7). Imagine that! The Champions of the Tiger/ASEAN Football Championship, and YET they provided us with such disappointing results.

There might be SOME hardcore fans that might argue (though i don't think they would) and say that during the First Half, Singapore's fighting spirit was well VERY prominent. Everytime the Uzbeks scored a goal, Singapore will pull one back and pull the Uzbeks back to a level playing field. And for that I applaud them for this very good show of how good Singapore is. Unfortunately, it lasted only for two goals, and after that thier weak defence just gave way, allowing a flood of Uzbek's goals.

Well it wasn't just the Singapore Soccer team's fault.If the Uzbeks weren't good, they wouldnt be able to use Singapore's weakness(which in this match, was it's defense). Their defence cutting passes was put to good use with excellent markmanship as well.

Still it is no excuse for the Singapore team to lose by such a LARGE margin. Up to now, words are inadequate to describe my horror/shock/disgust/disappointment of the Singapore team. I think i would skip the next match they play, ESPECIALLY if they're going to play like that again. And even if they do win the next match, nothing will ever wipe the stench and stain of this scoreline...well maybe except if they DO qualify WHICH now is HIGHLY unlikely.... Leave your comments of my comments(however if you are a disgrunted Singapore fan please DON'T tag. THIS BLOG IS FOR MY VIEWS/FEELINGS HENCE IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT SCRAM!)

P.S. I really don't have anything against Singapore's Soccer team. And if any FAS or Singapore team member drop by, I wish you all the best for your next match, ESPECIALLY for the Team's defense. But seriously, DON'T expect people to support you guys unless you play with some standard. >=(

Check back later for Updates! Ciao!

Hey haha I just came back from school...yeap...and with that said and done, it brings the count to Two tets down, TWO more to go haha. however the common test soo far have been challenging at hardest...tomorrow's supposed to be the HARDEST CT we gonna yea i should be studying right?now not really in the mood though i WILL study soon...well after the reletively easy test, I just hung around school waiting for the day to end, so that i might head was REALLY boring...i just read a few magazines in the library and borrowed Click Five's 'Modern Minds and Pastimes' CD from my school library. Yea I'm not sure about the other polytechnics but Ngee Ann Polytechnic has a pretty vast music and video collection that you can borrow.

Also for some reason now every time i listen to the song 'From Where You Are' by Jason Wade I will think of HER zzz.....oh my goodness...I m goin head over heels over a girl that might most probably not like me haha...o well love is see you! *sings Blind*

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Monday, June 2, 2008
Well today I had my Thermofluid Paper YAY one down, THREE more to go...sigh...anyway, as usual i reached school at 7am again...haha G-man was SUPPOSED to meet me at that time...BUT SOMEONE came ONE HOUR LATE...=.= o we went to Ourspace to study, where i BARELY studied....BUT (thank God again), for some reason, i seem to remeber MOST (if not all) of the equations...and i actually UNDERSTAND what i was doing...which is actually pretty wierd...anyway test was ok...with the exception of the stupid mistake that 0ne litre is 1000 CUBIC waas actually supposed to be 1000 cubic CENTIMETRES =.=...and it seemed i wasn't the ONLY guy to make that mistake...yup another classmate of mine made the same exact mistake haha but overall it was ok, thoughnot as hard as i expected now I'm at the library, typing out my blog post....haha damn sian....sigh o well update later i hope cya!

Wheee!~ I'm back haha...well i m kinda normal feeling...except that i MISS HER! can i miss her sia =.= o well its just mood to study so i m goin off to play halo on legendary now....sian...and Oh my GOODNESS! WHAT IS THE SINGAPORE TEAM DOING?!?!?!?!?

AND i just heard Jamie/Fishy is sick! haha GET WELL SOON JAMIE!


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Sunday, June 1, 2008
Hello all! FIRST UP UPDATES ON YSTR POST ARE UP!!!!Haha and its time for me to post about today again...yeap today's a SUNDAY! yea THE worst day of the weekends...WHY? because it means...School/Work is starting TOMORROW! This is one of these days where u WISHED TOMORROW NEVER COMES! haha especially for me....cause tomorrow is the START of my CT or Common Test, which is COMMONLY known as Common Torture too XDD...soyea tonight going study abit (i hope) before hitting the sack...ok on to TODAY'S EVENT...

If You read my previous blog entry, you WOULD have known today's the day where i audition for my church's youth worship team!(For those of you who don't know, I play the acoustic guitar ^-^) But before the auditions, I was scheduled to be the so called "sound engineer" for my church's second service...It was a pretty normal service, with the exception that there were 2 electric guitars for this particular worship service. My church's pretty conservative (i think) so we mostly have either one acoustic, one electric, or one electric and acoustic guitar on stage...NEVER (if memory serves me right...) two Electric on i ended up mixing a very " ROCK" worship session...and man did it ROCK! haha ok so the sermon was done by Bob Steveson...(i THINK THATS how you spell his name...=.=) and it was kinda forgot...haha...lets just say i m not the most attentive of listeners...

haha so after service...i went up to Matthew, and he asked me : 'So, are you ready?' I could only managed to croak out an answer...then he passed me his guitar (OMG A FENDER STARTOCASTER!!!!) and asked me to like "warm up". So i took my phone, Put on my Audio Technica head phones and TRIED getting the beat/rhythm of "Touching Heaven, Changing Earth" ( on a sidenote THANK YOU phillip for sending me the song!) I don't know how but i somehow managed to get it there and then! (THANK YOU GOD) so yea i played both the songs("Touching Heaven, Changing Earth" and " " Heart Of Worship") somewhat averagely...but Eleelen and Matthew were nice about it and were giving comments like " CD like that." or " You're not that bad what!" . but i wasnt VERY happy with myself had dinner at Han's before heading home...

After that, the original plan was to go have dinner with my grandma....unfortunately (or not XDD jokejoke haha) She decided to go on a shopping now...the plan was to go cut my hair ...NOOOOO!~ Yea so had my hair cut and now i feel wierd=.= sians...o well that was followed by dinner outside ( Fried Dumpling Noodles! YUM!~ ^-^) before heading home...yeap...PRETTY boring wouldnt you say?

So anyway while typing this post i suddenly had the urge to write a verse that poped in my here it is ^-^
Have i ever told you that,
Just by looking at,
You when you make a smile,
That I could never be sad.

Yea most of you would guess it's for HER and yes it is haha....hope i actually finish this song...

So that concludesthis blog post...haha o and because of CTs i MIGHT not post/blog...or post some short post so yea...haha o well, we shall see!

P.S. TO ALL NP students good luck for the upcoming commontest! and to Dinesh GET WELL SOON DUDE!

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