Thursday, June 5, 2008
Hello people of the earth! =D today's SORTA my holiday, thanks to NO test being held today. Actually tomorrow SUPPOSEDLY is a holiday as well, but thanks to a particular teacher, theres a CLASS TEST (not common test =.=) being held tomorrow. Sigh,my sad life as a student XDD.

Anyway I JUST woke up. Ok just woke up is not exactly correct. I woke up and played 'Gears Of War', and now I'm in front of my com. Had this weird dream again last night, this time though i vaguely remember it. All I remember this time was Delight, XXXXXX, and Me talking like normal friends! ^-^ How I wish for that to be true...Is it a sign of something to come?or something that I'll NEVER see?Only time will tell I guess..

O and my mother all of a sudden ask me whether I want to work...Under NORMAL circumstances I would jump on the band wagon already...This time however, I cannot decide...This mostly due to the fact I want to go out with XXXXXX at least ONCE, and if i start working, its more than likely that i would not be able to go

Anyway today's plan is that I (FINALLY) start on my AMP project, and maybe study for the test tomorrow...yup so I'll catch you guys and gals later!

hey y'all! yeap today's update is early anywayx i DID get started on my AMP written assignment haha...anyway nth much happened today except...yea...i took the job offer...hence this as you know, drastically reduces my chances of going ou with her this the right choice to make?*sniff* and i think i'm catching a cold or something....sigh ...o well might update later again....bye!

OMG WTF WTF!!!!!!! i found Delights blog >.< style="font-size:130%;">


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