Sunday, June 1, 2008
Hello all! FIRST UP UPDATES ON YSTR POST ARE UP!!!!Haha and its time for me to post about today again...yeap today's a SUNDAY! yea THE worst day of the weekends...WHY? because it means...School/Work is starting TOMORROW! This is one of these days where u WISHED TOMORROW NEVER COMES! haha especially for me....cause tomorrow is the START of my CT or Common Test, which is COMMONLY known as Common Torture too XDD...soyea tonight going study abit (i hope) before hitting the sack...ok on to TODAY'S EVENT...

If You read my previous blog entry, you WOULD have known today's the day where i audition for my church's youth worship team!(For those of you who don't know, I play the acoustic guitar ^-^) But before the auditions, I was scheduled to be the so called "sound engineer" for my church's second service...It was a pretty normal service, with the exception that there were 2 electric guitars for this particular worship service. My church's pretty conservative (i think) so we mostly have either one acoustic, one electric, or one electric and acoustic guitar on stage...NEVER (if memory serves me right...) two Electric on i ended up mixing a very " ROCK" worship session...and man did it ROCK! haha ok so the sermon was done by Bob Steveson...(i THINK THATS how you spell his name...=.=) and it was kinda forgot...haha...lets just say i m not the most attentive of listeners...

haha so after service...i went up to Matthew, and he asked me : 'So, are you ready?' I could only managed to croak out an answer...then he passed me his guitar (OMG A FENDER STARTOCASTER!!!!) and asked me to like "warm up". So i took my phone, Put on my Audio Technica head phones and TRIED getting the beat/rhythm of "Touching Heaven, Changing Earth" ( on a sidenote THANK YOU phillip for sending me the song!) I don't know how but i somehow managed to get it there and then! (THANK YOU GOD) so yea i played both the songs("Touching Heaven, Changing Earth" and " " Heart Of Worship") somewhat averagely...but Eleelen and Matthew were nice about it and were giving comments like " CD like that." or " You're not that bad what!" . but i wasnt VERY happy with myself had dinner at Han's before heading home...

After that, the original plan was to go have dinner with my grandma....unfortunately (or not XDD jokejoke haha) She decided to go on a shopping now...the plan was to go cut my hair ...NOOOOO!~ Yea so had my hair cut and now i feel wierd=.= sians...o well that was followed by dinner outside ( Fried Dumpling Noodles! YUM!~ ^-^) before heading home...yeap...PRETTY boring wouldnt you say?

So anyway while typing this post i suddenly had the urge to write a verse that poped in my here it is ^-^
Have i ever told you that,
Just by looking at,
You when you make a smile,
That I could never be sad.

Yea most of you would guess it's for HER and yes it is haha....hope i actually finish this song...

So that concludesthis blog post...haha o and because of CTs i MIGHT not post/blog...or post some short post so yea...haha o well, we shall see!

P.S. TO ALL NP students good luck for the upcoming commontest! and to Dinesh GET WELL SOON DUDE!

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