Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's been a while since I last posted. Meh but nth's changed till recently.

1) Found another anime character I fanboy over =3=. Fate Stay Night's Saber

Isn't that cosplayer pretty? XS

Gaah i wans...

I'm going mad....maybe it's the stress.

But seriously if got a gal like that in Singapore. No doubt about it, i'll fall for her....IF she has a nice personality =P.

Talk about getting my hopes up. =_='''

2) finished two topics of ETE YAY. PLEASE GOD GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO GO ON!!

Ahh crazy rant/post finished.

Hope to update soon

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Back For another round of spamming. Lols.

Ok anyway yesterday FINALLY got my own laptop.




Yea. As shown below it's the Asus F8Vr, and its RED/MAROON in colour.

The Lappy is sooo PRETTY lol. I don't even feel like skinning the thing lols.

It runs like a dream now, and i intend to keep it that way.Daily virus quick scans and monthly Defragging.


Recently saw her photo again. I didn't really looked for her pic but, i sorta stumbled upon the Gundam 00 cosplay team pics ^-^'''' and saw someone that look like her. Ah well her DA blog sounds pretty darn happy too, so yea i'm in a good mood this morning. I guess not patching things up is the right thing to do =]

Maybe in another life or time. just maybe...

Still deciding what to do on the 14th of Feb.

Wonder whether she gets that I care.

Determined i would work hard...No, i MUST work HARDER and get a good/average GPA again.

Please God give me the strength.

The strength to follow through what i decided.


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Monday, February 2, 2009

Life can be soo mediocre sometimes it makes you wanna scream. Wheres all the excitement in it.

well anyway tried to do AECAD yesterday but failed horribly. School laptop too slow/lousy apparently.It's soo slow/lousy i dun even see the blinking line to see where have i typed to in this post. WTH. I wants my ASUS laptop now please and thank you. So poor old me gotta rush it out today and tomorrow.Sigh. Life of a LAZY student.

Still i feel damn lost. Theres little reason to keep studying harder than what i am now. "For my future/own good" is the common reason my brain and parents throw at me but. It really all appears rather meaningless. Coupled with my seemingly forgetful brain (which forgets things very very quickly. It doesn't retain info as well as before, which resulted in me failling my ETE. I need help man. 15 min to lesson start now but really i don't feel like going. but what to do?

Same goes for my guitar. I really enjoy certain moments when i play/ practice, but those are like a rare sight. Recently i realised how lousy i am =.=''' mostly due to lack of practice, and me not having ennough skill. sigh.

I hope i find a reason to work hard soon. I'm determined to change but apparently either determination is not enough, or i just have a weak resolve?

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