Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hello peeps...yeap I'm still up even after saying my goodbyes and night. haha I cannot really sleep for some reason these days...maybe it's cause i miss her? I doubt its entirely because of her though...While talking to Steph, I realised that i didn't have a so called "Dream Girl"...i mean i do have a "Dream Date" but yea....which leads me to wonder...what are the things that make me like HER and the others i liked before...But one thing i can say for sure is that I want protect ALL of them even the ones that say I cannot be friends with them =D ( I WILL FIX THAT BROKEN FRIENDSHIP)
Also I realised I'm having a new obsession...with music and guitars...i wrote a little song for Joanna yesterday...AND i should be getting the Cort elec THIS SAT WOOHOO~! that gives me the needed energy to last this week hahao and heres one of my dream guitar...well actually its the same kind/type...but not my dream guitar haha so that concludes this post catch you guys in a bit!
The Ibanez AF75D ain't she a beauty? =D


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