Thursday, June 12, 2008
Hanging By a Moment - Lifehouse

Hello peeps!Yes as you can tell(or maybe you can't...) I'm feeling long it would last remains to be seen though...Today went to work as usual...I'm almost done with the data entry....YAY!haha o and the week's coming to an end, meaning it's one week closer to my crumpler an electric guitar!Hence i chose this song hanging by a moment to be today's video...yeap Another thng making me happy is that i got the Intro of this song NAILED!!WOOHOOO! yes! now i wonder whether can find a bassist that like lifehouse den can play with dom and me ^-^ OMG i so wan ttot jam this song....

Also as you can see, i placed ads on the blog...some might find it a pain so i apologize...ia lso realised that there isn't much readers but i'm hoping that will change over time....and NO you don't HAVE to click on the ads...but if you do see anything interesting please click!it's mostly music stuff and what yea...Also i added a link to my johari window please do!haha serious this one MUST DO! haha

anyway sat is coming wehich means the showdown ( of sorts =/) between the Cort G200 and Cort X-2, the electric guitars i'm considering....yeap haha...

and to XXXXX this song's for you!

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