Monday, June 23, 2008
I'm really bored lol....yea...and instead of like doing my PROJECT, I'm blogging and watching music videos LOL...yea first day of school started and SERIOUSLY it felt like school didn't take a break @ in you know when you come back from a break? you have to like "get used" to school life again? the waking up early, the constant bombardment of info and felt very...well like what school was before the break....maybe it's cause i went to work?or maybe the break's too short? o's a good thing anyway...haha so anyway..she hasnt been talking to me...i wonder whether she knows? i hope not...

Anyway theres a few annoucement i wan make,first of is that the Zeta Pi Hoodies are here! For those that ordered go to NPSU's office to collect it ok?up to this thurs if i remeber correctly! ^-^

Another annoucement i wan to make is about the video of the month, as you know june is ending soon, so yea...i'll be changing the video to SOMETHING else...was wondering if u guys have any suggestions? please do the poll( if it's up ) or leave a comment on taggy on what YOU want to see? Be it my covers, Music videos, your GENRES! ahaha but strictly SFW stuff k guys?

OOO and guys please DO my johari window...haha it's interesting so help me complete it kies? more updates later....mean while here's lifehouse blind...ENJOY!

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