Friday, May 29, 2009
Weee blogging during class. =/ yes i know i know, i really shouldn't be but....yea -_- i really cannot concentrate.

Plans for today got thrown off course. I'm not emo though just slightly disappointed >.<>

So wit my plans destroyed and swept under my bed, I have since decided to go hoe and practice guitar again ^-^ hope to make SOME progress....and i hope My EQ settings didn't get screwed by anyone at home =.='''

SPEAKING of guitars. Looks like My guess was right

Azusa is using a RED mustang yayness I won a treat at ben and jerry's =D

I think i officially jumped ship from yui to Azusa -_-'''>

O and Futuristic Imagination's PV was abit disappointing too

Well Guess I gonna remove Video of the month seeing how i rarely update....I prob remove a few other stuff as well....maybe a change of clogskin is in order too? hmm...

see ya guys soon i hope

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
I'm wondering....Whether i deserved to be loved....whether she will like me..... or push me away


Rocked Out at at


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