Monday, June 2, 2008
Well today I had my Thermofluid Paper YAY one down, THREE more to go...sigh...anyway, as usual i reached school at 7am again...haha G-man was SUPPOSED to meet me at that time...BUT SOMEONE came ONE HOUR LATE...=.= o we went to Ourspace to study, where i BARELY studied....BUT (thank God again), for some reason, i seem to remeber MOST (if not all) of the equations...and i actually UNDERSTAND what i was doing...which is actually pretty wierd...anyway test was ok...with the exception of the stupid mistake that 0ne litre is 1000 CUBIC waas actually supposed to be 1000 cubic CENTIMETRES =.=...and it seemed i wasn't the ONLY guy to make that mistake...yup another classmate of mine made the same exact mistake haha but overall it was ok, thoughnot as hard as i expected now I'm at the library, typing out my blog post....haha damn sian....sigh o well update later i hope cya!

Wheee!~ I'm back haha...well i m kinda normal feeling...except that i MISS HER! can i miss her sia =.= o well its just mood to study so i m goin off to play halo on legendary now....sian...and Oh my GOODNESS! WHAT IS THE SINGAPORE TEAM DOING?!?!?!?!?

AND i just heard Jamie/Fishy is sick! haha GET WELL SOON JAMIE!


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