Friday, June 6, 2008
hey people...yea i feel emo today, I found something maybe i shouldnt have been curious and clicked on it...but seriously...for some reason...I still care about her...all my friends say since she has already made it clear we cannot be friends, I should just forget her and NOT care...but i realised...that all of the crushes i had since young, I still to a certain degree care about them...yea this sounds like self-praise right...well think whatever you guys want but this how i really feel....If only that dream i had was true...*bangs head*...i sometimes wished...I can turn back time...

anyway today, I came to school @ 8...why? Well apparently, a rock smashed my father's car windscreen...=.= had to follow my mum for once...i keep hitting my head when getting in and out of her company's car >.< style="font-size:78%;">(more like chubbier XDD) yea said hi...I have no recollection of them saying hi back or waving back sigh...i must really be hated by the world....all i can do now is wait till at night...then i can talk to one of the LAST few person that really cares...Lonely is how i feel right now...not just because I'm certain SHE would'nt like me...or that Delight wouldnever be friends wwith me again...but well...i just feel ABSOLUTELY lonely...and a great testimony to this would be my tagg board...i mean in one day as much as 16 ppl can visit this site (Which i again thank you) but only a few ever tags. No, this isn't a ploy to get you to tag. If I really mean something to you,you would leave @ least a tag once in a while right? sigh right now only gman is CONSTANTLY checking my blog...gtg update more later....but I'm sure no one will read it =.=

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