Sunday, June 15, 2008
Empty - The Click Five

Hey guys!Yeap after a long hiatus I'm back. Nope I've not been emo-ing or anything, just plain old busy ahaaha yeap so anyway heres the updates for the day before yesterday, yesterday and today =]


This the "book" from which i took the data and entered it into....

This Computer....yea....i'm a data logger haha

But being a teenager i obviously had time to snack....


Then headed to raffles city where i took this awesome view
YEAP had dinner there where i s5tuffed myself sily haha!

Sat was pretty standard...wth the exception that i left home earlier to meet up with david, jamie, shiyun and din to er..."celebrate" david's went to PS at 12.... the ARRANGED MEETING TIME....but david was still in pasir ris...and jamie ,shi and din were busy =.= leaving me alone to roam PS, possibly the worst place for me to be let loose...theres NOTHING i can do there so i went to yamaha and literally looked at guitars for nearly 40 mins....before deciding to leave before the staff threw me out for "hogging" their workpiece so then daavid reached late met with him, then with jamie and gang before walking a big circle to B1 then to the top floor....i hd to leaveby then so i said my goodbye and headed for guitar class. I tried out the guitars i wanted after class before slacking and heading to worship practice LATE...sigh sorry matthew >.<>.< zzzz c u guys!

Anyway for today's song i chosen Click Five's Empty...haha its a nice song...and as always IT SPEAKS TO ME! so yea enjoy

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