Thursday, June 19, 2008
See the title? tube should be RENAMED that man....ahaha so heres another video of me singing....>.<''''turn down the vol if not anythng break not my fault... Take me Away Capella~

anyway work is getting BORING....yea....and plus the recent insomnia spell...i been very tired too....well theres good news...tomorrow's the LAST day of work YAY! which means PAY! yeap...but....that also reminds me i haven't really done my project yet...yea =.=''''' dieeeeeee lol sians...but yes...omg the last part of the day i was like imaging me rocking out to hanging by a moment by lifehouse on my elec....O GOD I cannot wait...haha

O and shi's supposedly back today....yeap so gonna send her a welcome back msg now tata!

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