Wednesday, December 31, 2008
New Year's Eve.

Today's New Year's Eve, where we stand on the brink of getting rid of the old and welcoming the new. and with that i would like to wish everyone (including ppl who stumbled unto my blog accidentally a very happy new year's eve. may you accomplish all the resolutions u make this year.

This year's new year eve is more....well i fell is more meaningful. i guess. Looking back, this year is one heck of a year. Losing friends faster than i can make. Losing so much stuff =.='''. and turning 17. best part. Alone.

Just now, i received a msg from a friend asking for some info. i replied him really late and hence my brain started thinking about how to explain the late reply.

"Sorry but I don't carry my phone with my nowadays, esp at home..."

I stopped in my tracks right when i thought that. It was just supposed to be an excuse...but...somehow, it made me reflect. Why wasn't i bringing my phone around in the house like early this year? I realised early in the year, ppl were sending me messages/replying hence i always carried my phone everywhere. now things have change soo much....i rarely receive messages from everyone, even the ones that used to they're all either busy or they just don't care alrdy. that really saddened me. and made it feel even more alone.

I wonder what the new year will bring? hope to update witha resolution list later...see you guys later

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ah, the holiday season. full of joy and laughter, gifts and well wishes galore.

Well thats what it used to be, for me at least. To cut a long post short. Christmas really got me thinking. If i were to disapear one day, would anyone even notice?

No more friends to confide in, no more ppl who care
Who shall ever notice, if i should disappear
like the lines of this post, i blend into the back
the question is however, do you really CARE?

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Monday, December 8, 2008

I read Chris blog again and something really caught my eye. She wrote about a meeting with her cell leaders.

"we had a fascinating conversation about relationships.
listening to my ideals, they looked rather surprised. and sister eeleen told me "you believe in that? even i find it hard to believe in that anymore."
maybe my dad taught me to set my ideals too high.
dad taught me that loving someone doesn, it just mean you can live with the person, but it means that you can't live without that someone.
and sister eeleen told me to hold onto my ideals.
what do you think though?"

from - 4th December 2008

I wanted type a LONG meaningful post. but i think the last line pretty much says it all

What do YOU think?

How long would i live with this life of regrets?

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Monday, December 1, 2008
Gaah looking at pictures really can stir up some really strong emotions. o well at least she's safe and happy =D

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Screwed =X
Time's been flying real fast this term. Man soo fast i barely had time to breathe. In a blink of an eye, it went from first WEEK of school, to now, a week shy of CT. =_=''' I'm right now worried/panicking about CT cause there are subjects which i BARELY can do right now due to my excessive playing/unattentiveness during classes. So anyway in a bid to catch up with school work, gonna try to stay off playing/using the internet for a while. So no more SgCafe, BOB or even dare i say it Xbox LIVE T-T. i mean i MIGHT take a break and log on/play, but not before i study. yup.

On a lighter side, I FINALLY PERFORMED LIVE! WOO!~ Though i messed one part up, i'm pretty much satisfied about this performance. =)

O and Xmas is coming!(wth two small brown birds landed beside me O.o) Wondering what are the presents i'll be getting XP. I know economy's down and everything so i'm not getting my hopes too high on what i'll be getting (note to self : New year's resolution must include being LESS materialistic!) so here's my Xmas WANTS list:

1) A Fender American Standard Telecaster/Standard Telecaster in either one of these colours NO colours no guitar lol!(note i know American Standard and Standard are too different models but i'll like to see the price first lols)

2) Effects Pedal!Either Tube Screamer or Delay

3) Xbox games! Woo Left for Dead/Endwar anyone? XPP

okok. so thats my rant for the day. see you guys soon i hope!

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