Monday, June 30, 2008
Hello ^-^ i have no idea why i used that emo-con even though i'm not THAT happy...NO i'm not emoing....ok mabe i'm a little...=.=''' RAWRS i hate feeling emo...why? LOL unless i trust you, you would never find out =.='''

Anyway yesterday (nearly typed today =.=''') was Gman's birthday...yeap his house wasdamn big O.O''' IT HAD A THEARTE downstairs WTHwthWTH!Anyway it was sorta/kinda fun? ok lah at least it be more fun than ANY party i hold (RAWR!!!i suck at planning....can't even plan an outing or get together, let alone a party zzz...... =.=''') so anyway got him a present hope you like it...while at the party i was singing my heart (and probably throat and lungs out) a guy actually ask me be on his band for an event!LOL that band gets PAID i that good? =/ and also Kiiro ( who should be joshua aka. yoshi from SGSS) tagged saying he wan co produce CD...LOL EH KIROO IF U do GET IN MEDIACORP GIVE ME A CHANCE LOL!!!o and before i forget, heres a song for gman for the day he was born

Some of you people after reading what i wrote above might think i'm like desperate to be known....or famous...well who wouldn't want ot be famous? but seriously IF I DO GO INTO MUSIC (which has a probability of less than 5% of happening now =.=''') I'll do it because i love music. To me being a musician/performer, your music comes first over money and fame.

Why do i love music? well it helps me express some of my feelings in a way that i probably wouldn't be able to express myself....for example this song

Yeap...basically it's a love song about how much you willing to go for the one you love....even to the point of death.Kiro (Joshua) wrote on his blog about how he feels about dying for the one he loves...and frankly i carry a different perspective on that.I would still die for the one i seriously...okok this sounds like self praise...RAWR....anyways that song means alaot to me too because it doesn't just represent how i feel bout YOU (who probably don't read my blog/ don't know i'm talking bout YOU) it also represents how i feel about all my friends!
Steph, Jamie, and dare i say it =.=''''Gman,and my god sis cory yea...there are more too like *cough*delight*cough* even though she doesn't treat me like a friend i still treat her like one...yeaps...Jamie you that time asked what i mean by protect HER right? i guess this songs the answer i wan give in a nutshell?

I'm feeling rawr-ish today so to end this post i bid u a fond farewell RAWR! XDD

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