Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Have you guys heard of the eye of the storm? In a hurricance storm system.....when everywhere is chaos, things being flung around...buildings blown away....u would expect the centre of the storm to be where the most violent winds are right? however, the centre of a hurricane is not even remotely dangerous...there are no violent winds... no nothing....in fact the only thing dangerous about it is the false sense of safety it gives to people...because suround the eye is where the most violent winds are...

Thats pretty much how i feel now...i got through a rough period last night with the help of Steph and my God-Sis...still i feel quite empty inside...why?Well from yesterday's "message" you should be able to guess...I might be looking too much at it but yea....anyway after that it made me feel what i don't want to feel...alone...and that i probably won't get attached, won't get my first kiss etc. yea it's strange for a guy to think like that...but what can i say? i'm not as much as a loner as some of you guys think.....

Anyway heres a video for YOU...even though YOU probably never read my blog or even know i'm refering to you.....

And i know i posted this video before.....but don't ask why.

And lol =.='''paul twohill just walked pass and sat a few tables away...(Haven't he graduated already? O.o)

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