Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Slowly and Surely, I'm Losing You.

Hello people...been a while since i've updated. My days seem getting more and more monotonous, soi decided not to bore you people from reading boring post, i decided not to post! XDD Ain't i a good blogger?

Well today just felt like blogging again. Why? Cause i read a friends blog, and i realised how in a matter of months, we as friends have drifted. It's not just her. But a whole bunch of other people as well.

Change is a normal part of life, and i accept that. But sometimes these changes happen so fast and silently, adaptation is almost impossible. Well for me the rate i'm so called "losing friends" is just too fast for me to even comprehend. Best part, I'm losing them faster than i'm making new friends.

I hate drifting apart. Sigh but i guess it can't be helped right? We're in different schools/courses and rarely see each other already. infact i'm not surprised if some forgot who i am already. well with all the exams and recent assignments i'm not surprised. But even with the mental preparation, I can't help the bad sinking feeling i have in my heart every time i have this kind of "revelation"

Also i'm becoming very lazy...it's study week and i didn't really study! omg....ok back to the books....

My Heart's slowly breaking, but The Test is set and done, now only time will tell who treasures, and who doesn't 081408

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