Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Hey all! Haha back again! Well, Common Test isn't as hard as I thought (just finished 2 past year common test papers) so yea I can blog pretty much as much as I normally do. Which, in recent days, have been a post a day. Haha yea so anyway there isn't much to post about NOW...I mean the day just started, and i haven't even taken my Engineering Maths Common Test yet...So instead I should rant about yesterday's soccer game between Singapore And Uzbekistan.

Okay I HAVEN'T been watching soccer as much as I used to. But even I can tell an absurd performance when i see one. The Singapore Government was right to drop the GOAL2010 Campaign thing...cause from the performance yesterday night, if Singapore qualified for the World Cup, it really would have been a walk in the park for MOST of the teams if not ALL.

I actually first started watching the match with great anticipation, because before the game, i was pretty confident Singapore COULD win if they were playing at their best for that game. This (wishful) hope of mine continued for the first opening minutes of the game. Both teams had chances and close misses, and even though Singapore's defence was VERY weak (I never seen any defence get ripped to shreds like that outside of computer games O.o), I TRUELY believe that Singapore would pick it's act sooner or later. Unfortunately, that was not the case. In fact, Singapore NEVER picked up it's act, and in the end they lost by a VERY huge margin ( S:3 -U: 7). Imagine that! The Champions of the Tiger/ASEAN Football Championship, and YET they provided us with such disappointing results.

There might be SOME hardcore fans that might argue (though i don't think they would) and say that during the First Half, Singapore's fighting spirit was well VERY prominent. Everytime the Uzbeks scored a goal, Singapore will pull one back and pull the Uzbeks back to a level playing field. And for that I applaud them for this very good show of how good Singapore is. Unfortunately, it lasted only for two goals, and after that thier weak defence just gave way, allowing a flood of Uzbek's goals.

Well it wasn't just the Singapore Soccer team's fault.If the Uzbeks weren't good, they wouldnt be able to use Singapore's weakness(which in this match, was it's defense). Their defence cutting passes was put to good use with excellent markmanship as well.

Still it is no excuse for the Singapore team to lose by such a LARGE margin. Up to now, words are inadequate to describe my horror/shock/disgust/disappointment of the Singapore team. I think i would skip the next match they play, ESPECIALLY if they're going to play like that again. And even if they do win the next match, nothing will ever wipe the stench and stain of this scoreline...well maybe except if they DO qualify WHICH now is HIGHLY unlikely.... Leave your comments of my comments(however if you are a disgrunted Singapore fan please DON'T tag. THIS BLOG IS FOR MY VIEWS/FEELINGS HENCE IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT SCRAM!)

P.S. I really don't have anything against Singapore's Soccer team. And if any FAS or Singapore team member drop by, I wish you all the best for your next match, ESPECIALLY for the Team's defense. But seriously, DON'T expect people to support you guys unless you play with some standard. >=(

Check back later for Updates! Ciao!

Hey haha I just came back from school...yeap...and with that said and done, it brings the count to Two tets down, TWO more to go haha. however the common test soo far have been challenging at hardest...tomorrow's supposed to be the HARDEST CT we gonna have...so yea i should be studying right?now not really in the mood though i WILL study soon...well after the reletively easy test, I just hung around school waiting for the day to end, so that i might head home...it was REALLY boring...i just read a few magazines in the library and borrowed Click Five's 'Modern Minds and Pastimes' CD from my school library. Yea I'm not sure about the other polytechnics but Ngee Ann Polytechnic has a pretty vast music and video collection that you can borrow.

Also for some reason now every time i listen to the song 'From Where You Are' by Jason Wade I will think of HER zzz.....oh my goodness...I m goin head over heels over a girl that might not...no most probably not like me haha...o well love is blind...so see you! *sings Blind*

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