Sunday, June 8, 2008
Yes, I didn't blog yesterday and hence I'm apologising for that...(i have no idea why i apologise....the only person who gets dissapointed that i don't post is g-man... =/)

Anyway, heres what happen for Saturday.

As usual, woke up in the morning and played my Xbox, and then get ready for my guitar class @ father decided to send me there so we got into his fixed smells like glue inside that car... so yea reached Music Lab (my so called "music school") and like took off my shoes and walked towards my class...that is until a faint voice calling me. (I was wearing headphones so EVERYTHING was muffled =.=) Apparantly I was early for class...I was literally O.o, cause I have always been consistently on time/a bit late nowadays...glancing at the school's clock i realised i WAS 5 mins...LOL so anyway class was as usual, we picked off where we left off, learning Switchfoot's "Meant To Live". I gave up trying to bend Lyla's string for ANY song (in case you didn't know, Lyla is my Cort Acoustic guitar XDD) cause it is REALLY painful trying to bend her strings...hence I asked my instructor whether it was possible to get the school's electric instructor say it was ok and passed me the white Cort electric...Now I'm gonna get a red Cort Electric guitar soon, but seriously it looks SOOOOO sweet, I wouldnt mind buying it instead of the better red Cort guitar... haha we'll yea we BARELY got passed the opening of the song as my group mate is pretty slow...not that i blame him...i mean...everyone's like that when they start off right?

So anyway after guitar lesson ended at 2, I stayed back and talked to the owner of the school 'bout the gibson guitars i saw online ( OMG 3 THOUSAND dollars for an acoustic....=.=) in an effort to try and like reduce the time spent waiting for my next outing (which was at 5.30). nevertheless...I still walked out of the school and had 2 and a half hour of doing nothing...hence called tohru so as to see whether can join her at her Chinatown Point Event...she said ok and hence i went to the agreed meeting point, outram park station...when i reached there, guess what?apparently the event had finished ( or sucked sooo badly the people wanted to leave =.=), and now her group were heading towards Marina Square. So i hurried over to Marina Square and met up with Tohru and her group...I just love it when i hang out with tohru's group of sgcafe friends...i seem to be able to talk to them better and such....haha so they ate at maac before heading off for a mini photoshoot. Being around you makes the hidden feelings surface, though now to me,you and me will never be together...and only be as close as brother and sister =D

So I left at 5.08 to meet up with Zich and the other Sgcafers for the chicken rice outing.Zich brought us to his father's workplace for one of the best chicken rice i tasted.We talked alot of crap before heading to Orchard because some of them wanted to head to art friend to get "supplies". And that was followed by a walk to Plaza Singapura. During which Konzen another guy and I had a HEATEd debate haha...yea so outing was fun haha...ok...think i shall stop here...update about todya later

I headed for my other outing after that

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