Friday, January 30, 2009
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Back again. Yea the dead blog is back, just like the living dead.


Well anyway life's been mighty fine. Well it hasn't been a bed of roses but still, it pays to look on the bright side.

speaking of which, i finally am getting a new laptop.Yup A (hopefully) RED Asus F8Vr (picture below). She's a beauty ain't she ;)

SHOULD look like the one circled =/

So yesterday had CATS presentation. Which my group failed quite badly in =~=.Ironically we failed even though we put in effort in this.Why? We apparently didn't do the presentation correctly. Thankfully the teacher gave us another chance to represent to her NEXT week. Thank God for giving my group another chance.

I find it wierd that I'm posting now =/, a time when nothing interesting (if you discount the fact I have a swollen right eye) is happening. Wierd.

Sigh song writing is hard man. Or maybe i'm just too self analytical, throwing away songs which seem like they would fail. I MUST STRIVE HARDER.

Recently haven't been seeing much of her already. Is that good or bad? In fact are my actions stalkerish? =/

Valentine Day is coming soon =.=''' not my favourite day of the year but meh, i'll live through it. More or less decided not to do anything on that day because that gal is already busy NOW. Can't imagine she would be free during a date soo close to Exam.

Finally a mental not to self. WORK HARD FOR THE EXAMS!

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