Thursday, June 12, 2008
Broken by Lifehouse

hello guys...yes i didnt blog....ok i'm now but...anyway u get the picture...

how i type now is like what i m now...a confused MESSED UP piece of wreck which is my life, broken in other words like this i went down to talk to someone i can talk to, and hopefully find some peace...i reading Shiyun's blog, se has a song From prince casapian...yea music does AMAZING things i tell you....

then i went to JAMIE's her last part of the blog worte pretty meaningful stuff heres a snippet
"I get really disturbed when I read people's blogs and them complaining about how they think their lives are so screwed up over little things, how much homework they have, how much their parents are pissing them off and they want to die and etc etc. I know I do that sometimes, but I came to one point where I realised how lucky I am to be able to worry and get angry over things like that."
Unfortunately i'm not jamie...i cannot be like her...and well be happy for the small things cause...your life is really meangless when u r alone right?worse still ifu hav no PURPOSE/sense of Purpose in your life.....

her blog also quotes
You only find a few people in this world, a few people who will tell you they
love you, and mean it with all their heart."

yea for me i feel that i found almost none....mayb one or two but other than that....noone else....and even with these soo few ppl i know...i'm afraid that they too don't care as much as I do......

I REALLY wonder without would everyone turn out? maybe my poly friends like jamie, shiyun and steph and gman would have a BETTER friend....maybe some one might have gotten in to the course i'm in and CHANGE the industry altogether...

I REALLY want to change people's a good way of course be there for ALL my friends....when they need it....however it seems i'm doomed to remain invisible......unnoticed by the outside world.....I mean don't mind not recongised for what i do and such causse thats NOT the point....i help or listen (or try to at least) my friends so that they may not meet the same fate as me...a wondering soul with no purpose or direction....and that they be happy...i don't expect anythng in return....but i could do with some Love.......

nuyihs : this the only wway i can do this now...but i want to BE there for you...almost like your BFFs are there for you...but i cannot seem to reach you now.....>.

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