Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Hello all! YEAP NOW its 3 DOWN! one more to go!!! Anyway today's test is Aerospace Materials & Processes, and it is supposedly the most difficult test of all...and YES it WAS SOMEWHAT DIFFICULT...haha...well it was ok...passable...i hope haha...

Well I'm gonna summarize what i originally planned to write....caus ei m suffering a MAJOR headache... well I had a dream...a WEIRD ONE... however, the wierd part i'm not going to elaborate, the part i wanted elaborate was on WHO was in my dream...It was some one i never thought i dream about again...=.= now i m feeling sorta guilty...i mean...i like XXXXXX but it right for me to do so?

anyway after the test, went to play abit of basketball with yizhuang den watched taxi with gman....tats all now goin to rest my head....bye y'all!

"Do you like me?" is what i'll ask,
But I know I'll never get the chance.

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