Sunday, April 26, 2009

The weekends are coming to a close, which means, school tomorrow.

Ha had a meaningful talk with Rachal, I'm very grateful for it. ^-^

So anyway i had a normal weekend. Very pumped up with learning the K-ON! OP, though the timing is still my main hurdle.

well anyway I went for the LIPS competition today and as expected, there was only TWO ppl. me and another gal. I easily took this qualifying surprise. but i wished there was MOAR ppl.

o wells. Me singing in front of people was really nerve wrecking. I wonder if i do gig how would i be man....Also i think like my band shld learn 5 easy songs first....meeting up with them on tues so i'll guess i'll tell them then.

concludes this post

cya round!

O and a new thing to save for. A new amp lols. VOX VT-15/30 lols

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Friday, April 24, 2009
The 1st wek of school is coming to an end..... T-T yea just like that one week has gone passed. It's been...a normal school week bah.

I'll really miss these kind of days, it seems we're all growing up too fast T-T

Well anyway i finished Shakugan no Shana already yeap Both seasons 1 and 2. Happily anticipating the third season which is rumored to be airing this autumn.

Shakugan no Shana features one of the voices behind another favourite anime of mine, ToraDora, Kugimiya was not a bad anime, for me at least. Action scenes were good and the school life part is nice too. But with that, It means i now only have anime i'm watching at the moment, K-ON!

This anime features 4 girls who are in a "light" music club (pop music to us). For some reason this anime is really making me strive harder as a guitarist. esp in the electric side XDD. Trying to learn the anime's OP and ED. currently OP's Rythmn part is more or less there need to work on my timing only. 

ok in other news. I have a sudden urge to start cooking my own bentos and bringing it to sch so that i can save money for my guitars and games. hmmm.....

thats all i can think off now....see ya later

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Day 2 of my school and I can safly say things are gonna get INTERESTING.

Today was our IS day, and poor old me (who forgot to choose his IS module) got into the Community module. I thought i would be alone in that class TAT. Thankfully when i got there i saw Edwin and Kim Ann (whew...)

Well for some reason I kinda had an impression that our lecturer would be female (not unlike my CATS lecturer from the previous semester). So imagine to my horror surprise, when a male lecturer came walking up towards the mini-crowd of classmates tha i was part of. 

Well I should have guessed that this teacher wasn't the mean, angry stern man i thought he was, when he couldn't open the door with his key. In  fact i shouldn't have expected a normal lesson at all. =/

Well all i can say the lesson most definately didn't go according to plan at all. But hey at least we got dismissed early XDD.

So a bored old me decided to check out CCA fiesta in order to waste some time before I was to meet up wth Andrew to get our books. Hanged out with philip for a while, before going to the Song Composing Club booth. Met the usual culprits there. played a few songs with them taked, laughed carried stuff.

So in the end , due to a communication breakdown (due to the noise @ the fiesta) Ididn't meet up with andrew. and hence i went home a tired man with no books >.< tired ="/?">

I FOUND THE TABS FOR K-ON WOOHOO ~ now to get started to practice.

That pretty much sums up today

*nods* now to watch Joan of Arcadia Ja ne~!

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Monday, April 20, 2009
So after a LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG hiatus, I finally decided to blog. So whats the special venttat prompted today's post? Well today's the first day of school for me. It wasn't really special (discounting the fact that someone got a major haircut). All the teachers seem nice enough for me to make the changes i've planned. Now all I need is a lil determination and diligence and it'll be all fine.

Also,been quite cheery today. for what reason, i don't know. Still it was really refreshing to be able to feel really cheery again. Today begun my quest to save enough money for a HORDE of stuff.

List of Stuff I want to Get
1) Yamaha FX370C Electric-Acoustic Guitar

2) Epiphone LesPaul (actually any Les Pal would do XDD)

3)1600 Microsoft Points

4) 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription Card

5) Halo 3 : ODST

I have a few other waiting to be added (guitar effects, random games, amps.) but this list by itself is valued at aprox 3-4k >.<>

Sigh, maybe i should get a job for the next few holidays?

O wells thats it for today.

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