Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Day 2 of my school and I can safly say things are gonna get INTERESTING.

Today was our IS day, and poor old me (who forgot to choose his IS module) got into the Community module. I thought i would be alone in that class TAT. Thankfully when i got there i saw Edwin and Kim Ann (whew...)

Well for some reason I kinda had an impression that our lecturer would be female (not unlike my CATS lecturer from the previous semester). So imagine to my horror surprise, when a male lecturer came walking up towards the mini-crowd of classmates tha i was part of. 

Well I should have guessed that this teacher wasn't the mean, angry stern man i thought he was, when he couldn't open the door with his key. In  fact i shouldn't have expected a normal lesson at all. =/

Well all i can say the lesson most definately didn't go according to plan at all. But hey at least we got dismissed early XDD.

So a bored old me decided to check out CCA fiesta in order to waste some time before I was to meet up wth Andrew to get our books. Hanged out with philip for a while, before going to the Song Composing Club booth. Met the usual culprits there. played a few songs with them taked, laughed carried stuff.

So in the end , due to a communication breakdown (due to the noise @ the fiesta) Ididn't meet up with andrew. and hence i went home a tired man with no books >.< tired ="/?">

I FOUND THE TABS FOR K-ON WOOHOO ~ now to get started to practice.

That pretty much sums up today

*nods* now to watch Joan of Arcadia Ja ne~!

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