Sunday, April 26, 2009

The weekends are coming to a close, which means, school tomorrow.

Ha had a meaningful talk with Rachal, I'm very grateful for it. ^-^

So anyway i had a normal weekend. Very pumped up with learning the K-ON! OP, though the timing is still my main hurdle.

well anyway I went for the LIPS competition today and as expected, there was only TWO ppl. me and another gal. I easily took this qualifying surprise. but i wished there was MOAR ppl.

o wells. Me singing in front of people was really nerve wrecking. I wonder if i do gig how would i be man....Also i think like my band shld learn 5 easy songs first....meeting up with them on tues so i'll guess i'll tell them then.

concludes this post

cya round!

O and a new thing to save for. A new amp lols. VOX VT-15/30 lols

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