Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Back For another round of spamming. Lols.

Ok anyway yesterday FINALLY got my own laptop.




Yea. As shown below it's the Asus F8Vr, and its RED/MAROON in colour.

The Lappy is sooo PRETTY lol. I don't even feel like skinning the thing lols.

It runs like a dream now, and i intend to keep it that way.Daily virus quick scans and monthly Defragging.


Recently saw her photo again. I didn't really looked for her pic but, i sorta stumbled upon the Gundam 00 cosplay team pics ^-^'''' and saw someone that look like her. Ah well her DA blog sounds pretty darn happy too, so yea i'm in a good mood this morning. I guess not patching things up is the right thing to do =]

Maybe in another life or time. just maybe...

Still deciding what to do on the 14th of Feb.

Wonder whether she gets that I care.

Determined i would work hard...No, i MUST work HARDER and get a good/average GPA again.

Please God give me the strength.

The strength to follow through what i decided.


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