Monday, December 1, 2008
Screwed =X
Time's been flying real fast this term. Man soo fast i barely had time to breathe. In a blink of an eye, it went from first WEEK of school, to now, a week shy of CT. =_=''' I'm right now worried/panicking about CT cause there are subjects which i BARELY can do right now due to my excessive playing/unattentiveness during classes. So anyway in a bid to catch up with school work, gonna try to stay off playing/using the internet for a while. So no more SgCafe, BOB or even dare i say it Xbox LIVE T-T. i mean i MIGHT take a break and log on/play, but not before i study. yup.

On a lighter side, I FINALLY PERFORMED LIVE! WOO!~ Though i messed one part up, i'm pretty much satisfied about this performance. =)

O and Xmas is coming!(wth two small brown birds landed beside me O.o) Wondering what are the presents i'll be getting XP. I know economy's down and everything so i'm not getting my hopes too high on what i'll be getting (note to self : New year's resolution must include being LESS materialistic!) so here's my Xmas WANTS list:

1) A Fender American Standard Telecaster/Standard Telecaster in either one of these colours NO colours no guitar lol!(note i know American Standard and Standard are too different models but i'll like to see the price first lols)

2) Effects Pedal!Either Tube Screamer or Delay

3) Xbox games! Woo Left for Dead/Endwar anyone? XPP

okok. so thats my rant for the day. see you guys soon i hope!

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