Thursday, July 3, 2008
A Fresh New Start
haha a very warm welcome to the revamped version of my blog haha....spent nearly 5 hours doing this or rather modding it...anyway hope you guys like the change!

well i was thinking through whether was it wise to like confess to XxXxXx....till now haven't reached a decision...I mean it's like...a part of me wants to give up so that the friendship might be saved...while another part of me keeps hounding on the fact there might be the OFF chance of her liking much as i want to look at the brightside, I really can't help but feel that the brightside is too bright, or in layman's term, unrealistic...I actually don't feel like blogging yea...mayb i'll update later...ciaos

It's almost impossible I know, But yet my heart says go
they say time heals everything, but what if it only made it worse?

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