Monday, July 14, 2008
Days Go By~

*Added Music Player Under Performances*
Yeap added a music players with tunes from Lifehouse, my Favourite band. Most songs are in their acoustic versions so blasting them wouldn't make your parents say "AH BOY/AH GIRL AH TOO NOISY!"(or at least i hope so XP) Anyway hope you like it! I would add tracks now and then but for now, here's Lifehouse! Enjoy! =)

I've been feeling LAZY nowadays, so can't really be bothered to post =/. Anyway nothing important happen so didn't feel the need to tag. Yeap I haven't been even feeling emo! i just feel...plain lazy =/. So anyway i shall blog about yesterday and abit of what happened on sat.

Yesterday was my Chruch's 22nd Anniversery. It was held on a smaller scale due to...erm reasons. The worship included like 5 worship leaders (actually 4...Matthew was doing backing only) and our chruch whole array of musical instrument; a electric and acoustic guitar, 2 keyboards, drumset, bass, trombone. Now if you from a big chruch like New Creation or City Harvest I think it's pretty normal for you guys, but my church being a small chruch rarely has sooooo many people /instruments on the stage at one time...The best part was that i was the sound engineer for that day =.='''' so yea...supposed to go chruch by 730AM but i overslept =.=''' anyway By God's grace and mercy, Worship was AWESOME, though a bit loud....

Yesterday was Clydia's last day in our chruch. She's gonna follow her soon-to-be Husband to his chruch haaha. I actually wanted say something to her but we weren't that close so i didn't dare. but i decided to type something out here :

Hello Clydia! Haha sorry this came one day late but i was KINDA shy yesterday...ok not kinda shy, I just didn't know exactly to say =/. We rarely interacted in church, mostly due to me being shy and "invisible" to alot of people. But through the little interactions we had, most of what the people said about you, being loving and caring, i can feel it too. And if through these small interactions i can feel it, I'm sure that you're full of love and care. I wish you a happy marriage and do comeback to C.O.P. haha. O and have fun in that church's ministry! haha See you Round!
-Joel =D

A final thing i wanted blog about was....WEBCAMMING WITH CHERYL haha SHES DAMN FUNNY much as i want to show you the funny moments, She FORBID me to take any pics and screenshots =.=''' Anyway can't wait till we meet up to learn some of
Yui's Songs haha it's gonna be a BLAST

I still see images of you around me wherever i turn,
but i'm glad we're still friends,
and i hope nothing will ever take that away.

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