Wednesday, May 28, 2008
i m not gonna post bout yesterday or even today for that matter...tdy i m feeling TOO even inject this post with any happiness...i cannot sleep, ehnce i m awake @ such an akward timing...i seen her online but yet she doesnt tok to there something wrong with me?something sooo wrong that...even being friends with me is like catching the flu or worse?i don't know...right now....i doubt anyone knows how i feel...not even the closet friend i have now, steph.why m i like this?why when i close my eyes....i see her smile, n KNOW its never gonna be mine...mayb i m selffish for only wanting it for myslfand no one else....but...still...i also been thinking that i m gonna die soon...if i do i wish that i die saving HER...or something...i wished sometimes.......that i can noone would miss one would ever feel the pain,of knowing me.

5h1 you would never ever much u mean to me....i hope i get the chance to tell u though.....but seems i never ever will.....

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