Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Ok two rants first off to a friend of mine

Dear Friend,
First off i would like to APOLOGISE for me exploding at you ystr BUT i won't apologise for what i said. First off u do not join a conver do something and expect to say hi too. i was in ANOTHER conver and didn't even see the skype conver until i said hi. Another thing is YOU DUN FREAKING EXPECT TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. THE WORLD DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT. Secondly u typing what u did after really just showed how insecure u are. FURTHURMORE i didn't message cause firstly i was BUSY. Secondly You BARELY reply to any random messages i send u. HEnce msging u randomly is not a MUST for me. =_= K LASTLY I was sparing a thought for U by not msging. I mean in this situation msging u will either make u go "WAAH U RUB IT IN KNS" or "WTF IT'S JUST UR MP3, NO MP3 WILL DIE MEH" So yea it's practically a lose-lose situation for me, and the rest as well. and btw dun give the excuse ranran msg u. why not u ask cause u msg her back almost all the time. so yea.

Yours truely,

ok now about subject two Haruhi YES that HARUHI

the popular yellow ribboned character from the hit ANIME. Truh be told it is quite decent, but the recent eps have been nothing but fillers. like seriously 3 eps with almost the same thing. wth? I understand it's the story but srsly if it'sgonna continue i'm gonna put it on hold till like that kyon decides to do something.srsly.

If this was any other aniem you'll see everyone cry FILLER (wth an whole ep of filler too) but for haruhi, it's fans a lil too hardcore liao....o well.

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