Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Turnin' into a new leaf.
Yo guys. The long wait is over. I have finally posted. LOL that starting sounded soo wierd. Well anyway i'm back from the dead, after dying from all the schoolwork, and emotional issues but thinks to a CERTAIN friend *coughs*Bernita*coughs* (XDD) kinda sorted out everything.So heres the things i hope I'll change in.

1)Be less despo. =.='''
2)More hardworking please ^~^
3)Practice more on the guitar
4)spend more time with God. as in QT.

Yup. LOL kinda my end year resolution eh?o well.

Anyway last week was kinda an emotional week. KINDA. Well a friend i cared quite a bit about told me things of her personal life even her plans. I was totally unprepared to hear what she said.like seriously. Even though i was not showing it, (or so i think) i was litterally O.o. All in all, i have to say, i hold her in the highest respect now. God i wish i have the strength she has too.

O and apparently someone got attached under the radar. LOLS shall not mention who for now but ONCE AGAIN (i know i said this like a hundred times already, but words alone is like not enough to describe my joy for ya XDD) congrats to that aforementioned somebody.

Kay have to head for class now. See you guys in a bit.


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