Friday, November 7, 2008
It's All About Life.
Hey guys. I'm back! haha I'm like SUPPOSED to be doing CATS now, but inspiration is really avoiding me, so I'm like Blogging to give me (or my brain rather =/) an "excuse" to be NOT doing a piece of work which needs to be handedin BEFORE 3 TODAY. omg, I'm such a procrastinator.

Anyway, trusting God has my Life LESS chaotic, less emo-ish. Why at the start of the week, a few of my classmates said i appeared HAPPIER. O.o do I ALWAYS appear emo? Well anyway, truth is, I HAVE been feeling better, about myself, about the world, even though theres still plenty of condemnation from various sources about me, I'm determined to make this change COMPLETE.

Along with the change I'm striving to achieve, is the fact that i must surrender WHOLLY to God. Including issues i hold especially dear to my heart, for example, relationships. God's been pretty direct in what he wants me to do soo far, in handling certain issues. But for matters of the heart, it's totally different. try as i might to "hear" him, I don't. And I am a teenage boy, with raging hormones. So not liking someone, as a abnormaly for me anyway. Recently found myself attracted to someone i just met O.o. yes i know, i have a knack for liking people i just met. But anyway decided not to do anything unless like God makes opportunity for me to talk to her, like without her friend/s being with her. I'm sure this wouldn't amount to nothing and would probably become another blip on the radar that would go away soon i hope.

O while on the matter of LOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE, like to congratulate ANOTHER friend of mine, who also RECENTLY got attached. ^~^ Congrats and Good luck Cheryl! And may you and whoever's your beloved stick like superglue through THICK and thin. On a side note, is everyone getting attached or what? O.o

O I have to thank Ben too. Thanks for helping me lower Lyla's action and do even more and like polish my frets till they shone like mirrors. Thanks Alot man, the change might be small but she plays much better now.

O ok that concludes my rant about my life. Haha i'm like currently like in talks with a friend to get GOW2 for me WOOHHOOO o and i hope theres bbq today man. O well cya round guys.O and i've like updated my "wants" list and personal info. to like be better suited for me now XDD BUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

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