Monday, November 10, 2008
Free Swag. =D

Hello guys. haha time for another update of my life. =D Well anyways if you guys read my xbox's blog (link's at the side.), you guys would realised that I've got GOW2 and been playing it over the weekend. Well today's post is gonna be about the extraordinary lanuch event i attended.

To get things straight, the launch even WAS pretty standard. So thats why i said it was EXTRAordinary XDD. okok lameness aside, the evmade event itself was pretty normal. What, made it special, was the things that happened there. Confused? Don't worry i'll elaborate.

So i dragged Sankalp to the launch event, and arrived like SUPER early. even earlier than the Xperts. O.o But like the saying goes, "The early bird gets the worm." We got a chance to play the GOW2 campaign for awhile! so i took this time to "enlighten" Sankalp on the basics of the game. We were given like 15 mins only, however at the point the guy told us, we've already started up the tutorial. So in the end we only got to like a small firefight before the guys had to set up for a competition. At this point we decided to like join the competition, even though sankalp was a total noob at this game, just for kicks.

So to wasted the other hour plus, we walked around Vivo, and had dinner. When we head back, five consoles were already set up for the competition. However many people thought those console was for demo-ing purposes. It was kinda hilarous to see how the Microsoft guys had to "chase" the people away, to prevent them from screwing up the LAN they already had set up. At this point, Sankalp and me were told to find more people cause the competition required teams of five. We thought of giving up at first as we were worried that the competition would end at 10pm. >.<''' but in the end we joined.

I was soo sure we would lose. Imagine a team of guys suddenly pushed together, 3 average gamer (me and two guys), a total noob (sankalp) and one heck of a talker (another guy), a bunch of misfits against like really good ppl whom i know from Halo 3. Well Mr. Talker was another reason why i was worried. I mean these type of ppl tend to be ALL talk NO show right? WRONG this guy actually LED our team to...wait for it... VICTORY. well as prises we got a GOW Xbox360 Faceplate, and a GOW2 poster. Sankalp was like dumbfounded as to what to do with his prises (he's a PC gamer). "Sell your stuff on ebay lah." I said, and it was as if someone turned on the lights in his mind. XDD

To top it all off, We found JUICE like fruit juice CHEAPER than water OMG!!! it was like 1L for 99 CENTS. haha ok need run off for class. Ciao!


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