Monday, October 20, 2008
Love, Actually...

I actually didn't have much (actually NO) idea of what to blog about. But seeing Seroyen fanboy (of sorts) over the girl he liked remided me of of like just LIKING people. =.=''' Which in my case is a very depressing truth.

I never really seen myself as a likable/friendly to other people. In fact if for the fact I feel more invisible if not hated. Being sooo tall yet feeling so small is a lousy thing, and just by being tall/big sized, it adds to the misery. Best part is the small group of close friends i have growing closer. it's almost like a puddle in the desert.

Anyway seeing Seroyen go ga-ga over that girl just reminded me of things/events which i rather not remember. All the times, failing miserably, losing friends in the process, shatters my already broken heart.

I'm more than certain that there's like no one that will like me, the way i like them. And when i get my heart " broken" again in the distant future, there might not be anyone there to help "support" me. So right now, i'm sitting here, wondering, "is The End near?"

Love might be a beauty to some, a comfort for others, but for me it's like a stabbing pain, of all i did and failed. Soon i'll have to face it all alone. and by then, it's surely the end.

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