Wednesday, October 15, 2008
A Ghost In a Shell.

Hey guys, back again. yea i know haven't been posting as much as before but what can i say? i think I'm changing, for the better or worse it's still anyone's guess.

Well changing for me, is SUPPOSED to be a piece of cake. I mean it's what we as humans are most adapt at doing (most of us). Well this time, the change is different. I can feel it (x.x)

The title pretty much says everything about how i feel my change is making me into. A Ghost in a Shell, or in layman's terms it means I feel slowly something INSIDE (emotionally not physically) is slowly getting smashed then deleted away. And trust me whatever is breaking and getting thrown out, is not supposed to. I'm slowly becoming something i don't want to be.Also not helping would be my friends. ESPECIALLY some of my school friends. For some reason not really clicking with them.

Then It would appear i'm losing friends AGAIN.Out with the old, in with the new doesn't work with friends you know.

Add to this all God's frequently increasing "test" and you have one hell of a life.

God. Shall stop rant here


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