Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Bummer, it's a beautiful day =.='''

You know how certain days just appear perfect? Yea today's one of those days for me. Unfortunately it usually means I would be doing something UNWORTHY to be done on such a beautiful day, and today is no exception. I'm currently in school awaiting my school's Dept. Annual Asset Physical Exercise which will begin as soon as the guy comes back from his lunch. Actually the whole thing isn't that bad, it's just that I stay almost on the opposite side of the country from my school. It's litterally East Meets West whenever I go to school. Long travelling time aside, I think this is gonna be a touch and go thing, where they like check the laptop the school soo "graciously" loaned me, and then send me on my way. that alone would take half the day (or more damnit) and the thought of losing half a day for a touch and go thing really irks me =.='''. Well at leasr there are THREE good points I can think of now.

First off. I'm gonna get Rock Band TODAY! haha been waiting for this game for sooo long >.< can't wait to try it this evening/ tomorrow morning.

Secondly, the long travelling + waiting time actually means I can listen to my beloved Lifehouse's songs.

Last and not least, school's starting soon. So there be less mundane days. I hope >.<

Shall stop here haha I'm guessing the school's staff is back for the
Dept. Annual Asset Physical Exercise thingy. shall update later if i feel like it.

P.S. I haven't updated the links, so some links MIGHT not work. Check my twitter to see when it's done.


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