Monday, July 7, 2008
Sleepless night and drawn out days~

Sunday = chruch day for me. well today was also the day i rEALLY understand the meaning of DEADline =.=''' well bottom line i si managed to do my project finished! YAY no more project...SHYT just remebered about test/...... sigh.....student life is wel...getting duller every single second...causewe r always worrying... brain not hinking of anything to type.o yea...i posted a new cover...

sians...for some reason...i'm finding more and more things about delight...WAAA god...iwill fix the friendship don't worry! rawr brain stopped working

T-T am i that irritating jamie? rawr >.<'''''''''''''

sigh wonder...why do people find me that way?


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