Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Sick =( ~

Man it's been a longggg time since i got sick. And it feels HORRIBLE =(. I rather be in school today, I'm missing out on SCC activity, and sorry Seroyen, I haven't passed you my project work =.='''.

Anyway yesterday's poly day of prayer was AWESOME! Worship was great and for the first time i prayed for THAT long a time. Met some really nice people too (and of course saw a cute eyecandy =P). But yea, the main focus of yesterday was GOD so yeap didn't get any phone no. (awww =]). Anyways I'm more than certain about joing Campus Crusade at NP, Hope it draws me closer of being a worshiper, rather than just a guitarist. =]

For some reason keep thinking of Delight =S yeap even in my sick/half dying condition, i'm thinking of her =S sigh...wonder whether she would accept my apology....which i hope would be done THIS year...maybe Xmas?

Sorry for the post being like disorganised or with no brain's still kinda dead.....soo yea....see you next time


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