Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Post : 101

Hello 8D i just realised this is my 101st POST YAY!So now my blog is 101 post old ^-^. YAYyayYAY! My longest living blog EVER! So with that i shall conclude this blog post XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD no lah just joking =D!

Don't you just marvel at the internet? How you could be in India reading this post, but have never been to Singapore before. Well the reason I'm writing about the internet is because of the EXPERIENCCE I had on XboxLIVE. Nono this is not a paid advertorial, but rather something I'm glad to share with the world.

I jumped unto the xbox band wagon MAINLY due to Halo (yes, I'm a halo fan). Of course it was also much cheaper than the PS2 so yea. In fact my first gen xbox is still alive and kicking...if I still knew where the power cord was...=.='''

So anyway, with the advent of Hi-Def, Microsoft promptly and swiftly came out with the Xbox 360 (something which i would dearly hate them for...i mean the xbox was a GOOD system which they dumped in what? five years?) However I soon got the 360 (again because Halo 3 wasn't coming out on the Xbox system).

Don't get me wrong i'm not a DIE-HARD fan of the 360. I hate the Red Rings of Death (RROD) that has plagued my xbox for a total of 3 times!( please don't fail again) and i really hate how noisy it is. But what really attracts me now to the Xbox 360, is it's LIVE community.

Recently, I played online (Halo 3) matchmaking and i found my self teamed up with two halfdrunk americans, and a japanese guy. The half drunk americans where sprouting funny things all the time. No they weren't like VULGAR or anything. Yea but they were really funny =D and friendly too. which is why i love Video games and LIVE i mean i played CounterStrike: Condition Zero, and heck, the community ain't half as friendly as these people on LIVE.

Anyway enough ranting how awesome LIVE is....I'm been thinking about thgileD alot =S....sians ...o wellll cya guys later or something i guess?


I feel like making a game review blog.....what should i do?

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