Tuesday, July 8, 2008
I'm Loving It!~=D

LOVE. Four commonly used letters form the most important word we can ever imagine. A word that holds soo much meaning behind it, that it can save lives at times.

What is love? Can we live without it? The answer is NO! Love is something soo essential in our lives , I'm certain without it, the person will just die of love-deficiency. Ok all kidding aside...EVERYONE needs love!

However over the years, this word's TRUE meaning is ignored and nowadays people use it soo sparingly, you wonder whether the word contains any meaning now. There used to be a time when COUPLES are afraid to say it to each other (mostly the guys are the scared ones =.='''). Why? Because they know the word holds soo much meaning, and by saying it could change your life!

I'm not saying that nowadays when a friend says "I love You", it is meaningless, but rather, the word's meaning now holds less weight than it did before in the past. But what seriously irks me is that some people use it even when they dislike the person. Most of you people would have seen what i mean in real life. I'm tooo lazy to even explain.

Some people might point out that single people don't receive love. Well the love doesn't just mean relationship love (BGR love), it can come from anywhere, be it family, friends or eve a passion for a hobby. Which is why you don't see any singles dying from the lack of love.

A final point i want to make about love is that it's not always or giving/receiving, but rather a balance of the two. Also note that love is sacrificial where you have to give and take some things about your other half. NO ONE is perfect (except God...Lucky him/her)

To me I would never tell my friends I love this girl, even though i do like her ALOT. Why? Because I firmly believe that love is a TWO way thing. What do i mean? I mean, unless i'm sure she feels the same way about me, I'll never say i LOVE (the love kind of love as in BGR sense) you.

OMG that was a horribly useless rant =.=''' LOL anyway on a ending note, I would like to convey this message to anyone who reads this blog. Always treasure what you have now, don't wait till it's gone before you realise how much it means to you. Cause life is short, and you'll never know what would happen.

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