Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Goodbye Days~

Hello dear readers of my blog. Yes I've taken a long break from blogging. Why? Basically because theres nothing much to blog about. Ok so I'm back, and fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I'm feeling EMO-ish, the state where emo is too well emo to describe what i feel, but sad carrys too light a meaning.

Well anyway I've recently bought my FIRST concert DVD. YUI's Thank You My Teens DVD features her 'Spring & Jump' gig at the C.C. Lemon in Shibuya and contains songs like Rolling Star, CHE.R.RY, and Good-bye days and also features behind-the-scenes footage of the tour.

Well Listening to YUI's concert, one song caught my attention. I heard it before, but I never really got into the song. But listening to it in the DVD kinda like, well, pulled at my heartstrings. I didn't understand why at first and just thought it was because it sounded nice. So in search of the tabs i went. It was a pretty easy song. But a part of me wanted to find out what she really was singing, or rather the song lyrics. so off i went in search of the English translation to the song. And i found it.

Good-Bye Days by YUI

Translation by Ashikaga Honami

I will come now to/meet you because I/have made up my mind
I want you to/hear what I am hearing/the music in my pocket

slowly I raise the volume of music/listen and you will understand

oh Good-Bye Days
I feel/waves of changes are coming
farewell yesterday, so long
now you are by my side/making me feel warm with your gentle yet simple ways
lalalala love with you...

reluctantly/I pass one of/my earphones to you
so that you too/can slowly share/this precious moment

is this the way for me to show my love/I just don't know, sometimes

oh Good-Bye Days
I feel/waves of changes are coming
they sweep over me, alright
now you are by my side/making me feel warm with your gentle yet simple ways
lalalala love with you...

I wish our love/will never have/any kind of obstacles
but they will come surely, won't they?
when they do come/just hold on tight
'Yeah, hello! My friend' I will say
with a smile pasted on my face

when quietly I am/singing this song to you
please stand by me, I wish
now you are by my side/with your own ways and grateful that we had met
lalalala Good-Bye Days...

As expected, it was a love song =.='''. More importantly there were lryics inside which i really felt was true for how i feel 'bout Delight...o well.....update later

Edit: i'm actually feeling better cause it's like been a few hours when i completed this post

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