Monday, July 7, 2008
Friends Forever....ok? =]

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I recently read this in a 'Today' newspaper.

by Dr Bil Maier

Making friends is one thing; keeping them is another. We all need friends in our lives to keep us going, but we don’t always have time to stay close. The best relationships are long-term ones and there are a few concrete things we can do to keep our friendships alive and strong. Set aside some time to meet friends, even if it’s just for 30 minutes over a cup of coffee. When life gets busy, it’s easy to go for months without seeing those who are important to us and that can be solved by a simple call. Keep a list of special birthdays and anniversaries and don’t forget to send a card or note. It’s amazing how much it means to people when they know you care enough to remember special dates. If you’re pressed for time, try coordinating your to-do lists. Maybe you could shop together or meet friends at the gym a few times a week. It’s a great way to stay in touch with those you seldom get to see.
We all need friends.

I couldn't agree more. This article really spoke to me, because I think I hold friendship as one of the most important, if not the most important,(other than God of course) aspect of my life. In life, I don't think i can imagine a person going through life with out a single friend. To go through all those pain and hardships with no one to share the burden with. After reading this article, I felt guilty. Here I am complaining how I have only a few friends, when in the first place, i never make time to see or meet up with my old friends from secondary school and primary school.

This article also reminded me of the mistakes I made, more specifically, the mistakes i made towards Delight. I let my hormones get the better of me and in the process lost a great friend. But I guess this a good life changing experience where I learnt something from losing her friendship, which is why you see me nowadays not going after a girl I like simply because i rather have the friendship, rather than confess and lose it all.

Friendships are sooo important not only because they provide you with emotion support, but also they bring joy in every single moment. A moment with your friends is never a dull moment, and with every second you learn more about the person, good points and bad points. But even with your bad points, they'll still love you for who you are. So hence I would like to thank certain friends now:

Steph, for putting with all the emo bullshit I have once in a while. Just by simply smiling you can put a smile back on my fac regardless of how i feel =) thanks gal!

Jamie, even though we might not be that close, still have to thank you for helping me keep the secret =D a moment with you is never a dull moment

Cory, thanks for being there all this years Love you mei!

Jieyu, Lemuel and the rest of the Teo brothers, LOVED and MISS the times we had in pri school! MEET up soon!

Joshua aka Kirro, haha Remember Finding Nemo? haha thanks for being my first friend in secondary school.

Alicia formerly from Nangyang Girls school, We lost contact but still I want to say sitting next to you during the last year of pri school was awesome! Hope to see you someone again!

Jocelyn, OMG haha one of my first crushes and we're still friends XDD, thanks for not throwing our friendship away.

Renqi and Viknesh, Thanks guys for making the last years of my secondary life a tiny bit enjoyable! meet up soon man!

Joyce, Hey jie haha thanks for leading me in the way of christ and listen me out when i needed

Christabel, LOL we go back sooo long! haha thanks for talking to me online recently when i was down. your insights help me make the RIGHT choice.

Jodi, thanks for still being friends

Tohru, I still cannot believe you put me in your love list <3 you back =3

Gman, new friend so don't really know you, just don't slack soo much man

To all the rest I don't have time or forgotten to thank, a very warm thank and don't be surprised if i called any of you out of the blue ok? =D

Delight, even though we're not friends anymore and theres only this very off chance you might see this, i wan to say thanks for giving me a chance to be your friend even after you knew =] and that i'm sorry I blew that chance and things are this way. Hope we'll patch this friendship back again ok? =] and to conclude this post heres video deicated to all my friends! Old, new or even those forgotten ones XDD

Thanks For the memories by Fall Out Boy

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