Thursday, July 17, 2008
Fan boy~
Hello people! Yeap, I'm still sick =/, but thank God I'm feeling MUCH better =].

Anyway I rarely become a fan of stuff. But around a year ago, I heard a song, Come Back Down, by this band called Lifehouse. I instantly fell in love with the song, and people who know me would know that i would have SEARCHED the internet for more of their songs. The more i heard, the more i fell in love with their songs and the band itself. Now, I can officially declare that I am their Fan Boy haha.

Alot of people has asked me why do i like Lifehouse soo much; why do most of the songs i know how to play on my guitar is their songs. Well, because their songs are open to interpretation, and. hence, i use it to relate how i feel. In fact i plan/have used their songs for important parts of my life. Like when Delight told me we couldn't be friends, I ran to my room and played "Blind" while crying my heart out."Whatever It Takes" probably is gonna be used when i try and fix the broken relationship between me and Delight. "First Time" and "You and Me" would probably be used for the person i like, like during her birthday and our one month/one year anniversary. Yeap. It's not because they sound nice, but for me, they hold ALOT of meaning.

Ok i better stop the fanboy rant. Gotta take my meds. see you!

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