Saturday, July 5, 2008
DEADlines =.= whheeee....
Ever wondered why deadlines are called DEADLINES? Well it's cause it's almost certain some people will DIE trying to meet it. Need an example? well look no further cause I'm one of them haha. My AMP essay would be rushed tonight and tomorrow and i hope i would be able to finish it...Sometimes I wonder, students often say "SO STRESS!" or " school is stressful man..." or something along that line. But i wonder, isit really School/School work Causing the Stress? or the students themselves giving themselves stress?How do the students pile stress on themselves? haha ONE word, PROCRASTINATION! haha they keep telling themselves " I'll Do it Later", and when later comes, they tell themselves the same thing....all the way till like near the date line they suffer from "Last Minute Panic", as jamie put it, and hence heap a whole load of stress into their daily diet.

Anyway today was ROCKING haha. Went to Guitar lesson but today my guitar teacher wasn't there.In his place however was another cool dude haha..HE WAS GREAT very different from what my guitar teacher as in teaching style wise and such. Also seems like i'm able to relate to him better haha maybe because hes younger? Next headed back to Pasir Ris for CosFest haha Pretty COOL haha sawe a cosaplayer in a GUNDAM costume OMG it was VERY WELL DONE..will post pics once i have the time.

A relatively short post today cause i still have to do my project....yeap see you guys next time!


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