Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Today started off pretty normal, with the exception that i woke up EARLY today...though if u take the fact that I slept @ 930 >.<>.< , also G-man(my classmate) told me of his diving trip during the weekend...apparently, diving and seeing fishies werent his only achievements during the trip...well he got to know this girl, and now, in his own words, hes VERY CLOSE to her...ok...but if u take in hes also interested and chasing/wooing another gal kinda puts a question mark in my head...I know most guys are like that nowadays but...yea i feel/think differently from most guys or even people...wonder does that make me wierd....o well...O and another test was annouced...well...i feel its more of "exam" then test cause the lecturer was annoucing the common test...yeaps...i NEED to start studying!>.<>.<) ...yea so next up would be the meeting with my IAC group members to discuss our presentation this thurs...so we sat down n discussed about the project, yeaps we found pics n stuff to put in our powerpoint...yupx okok i shud say this now! You guys may not be the best groupmates but still rank very,VERY high on my list hahax its been a JOY working with you guyx n even through all the initial difficulties we faced i m glad we stuck together n pulled through!
haha so thanks guys!yeap and steph in a bit of a rough patch now so...yea rmb i m here hahax


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