Monday, May 12, 2008
OMGGGGGGG AMMP class test just fin n it was HARD omg....normali during a test no one would cheat...but tis one EVERYONE was cheating...n those that nva cheat well most gurantee fail....haix...o well.....other den tat tdy was a pretti normal.....o yea...i came sch TOO EARLY too...i forgot EDCAD lesson was cancelled so i was ins ch for nth....from 7am to 1 pm i was studying n watching movie (SISTER ACT IS WOOTS!~) lolx....sians.....argh the test totali ruined a NORMAL day>.< SIANS haix update more lata

I would never be able to put in words,
how I feel bout you,
Because its just indescribable,
when I'm with you.

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