Sunday, May 11, 2008
okok before i bore the ghost/s reading my blog(since no one tagge my blgos i assume its ghost/s reading my blog den XDD) i m gonna giv sum HAPPI* news for a change...thnx to jamie hahax found two NEW FRIENDS! YAYNESS!*throws confeti into airr* ok now to the informative side

ok fri...went sch for well sch...we had TIG wielding for pract first thng in the morning so i had to wear a LONG sleeved shirt to sch n wif the weather being soooo HOT nowadaes.....i REALI dreaded wearing longsleeve...BEST part, was that the shirt i had....was lyk OVA sized....(when was shirt made TIS big????) got down n dirty n wielded metal...which i did HORRIBLLY! OMG....yea...den had break before having a 2 hour lect...met wif jamie lata on...wanted to go for her piano receital thngy(didnt feel lyk goin for astro) he end jamie followed din n shi to the fresh concert...hence i followed too...lolx it was kinda boring n for sum reason jamie looked set to she wasnt dressed sexily or neither was she VERI pretty or "hot" her face was just...angry? XDD she reali looked lyk she would kill anyone -.-'''so anyway it was ok @ best....even the dancing wasnt as good as FOC cux we onli knew a few ppl there....soo yea it was akward...well den during dance sumthgn happened......well shud not elaborate..but well i m a IDIOT for not doing shyt to stop it from happening....infact i had to ask din to help...o well i SWEAR from tis day on i shall not b a sissy when it comes to helping my frenx*nods*

yea...sat n sun was normal for mi.......

now to the emo part....well hanging out wif jamie n her two frenx....made mi realised how....well lonely i m....i mean i dun hav frenx lyk jamie has din, shi or her other bff...n summore in tis sch...i onli hav one close fren...n SHE cnt always b there can she?o well.....also....i nva did experience wad jamie n her bff did for din....celebrate his bdae normali go unnoticed by alomost everyone....EXCEPT my parents cux i ask them for presents...but seriously i WANT MORE THAN JUST PRESENTS...i wan ppl that care to msg mi happi bdae @ least....but i rarely or rather NEVER get that....i made myslf promise tis year i wouldnt remind my parents or my aunt bout my bdae....i wan see whu rmbs............but...i reali hoped.....@ least sum ppl rmb....theres nth more sad den a lonely person, feeling even MORE lonely....n also.......tink i m begining to lyk sumone.....but told myslf jux b frenx first n see how.....

well on a lighter note...i realiesd tohru put mi on her love list jux now.....hahax thnx toufu! i love u too! XDD hahax tat sounds wrong ...

o baby,
I just wan to steady,
you when u need it.
but would u let me?

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