Tuesday, May 27, 2008
O man...haha sry bout not posting for the past 3 days =.= kinda busy these days...so anyway PREPARE FOR A LONG POST haha i'm joking...i rather summarise everything...if not it would be too long for a normal person to read haha.

Pretty normal day.WITH THE EXCEPTION that i got my new PHONE! For those of you who think i'm like disturbing Jamie, I'm not =.=, cause i REALLY changed my phone.yupx and after getting my new phone,headed to my parents' chruch friend house to eat dinner.

Sunday was also another normal day. Well for the first half of the day only anyway. I attended my chruch's 1st service as i was going for StreetFest (otherwise known as Street Festival) with some Sgcafe members.Upon my arrival @ Suntec, I found out there was a Halo 3 competition, and having never joined a competition before, I decided to sign up and get a feel for it. However apparently, it was a 2v2 match. So i ended up pairing with this random french guy who wanted to play. OBVIOUSLY we lost all our rounds. =.= i mean i havnt played in a long time, and even when i peaked (which was in the last game =.=) the french guy and me still couldnt as a team, hence causing our downfall. O well, it was a good learning experience. So i re-joined the sgcafe members after the competition, and we headed to eat dinner at Burger King/Long John Silver. I followed Tohru,Reinheart, and Moron to LJS where we talked abit before rejoining the other group ,which ate at Burger King, and headed to a grass patch outside Marina Square. There we talked some more and blasted some music. O yea i saw one member (i forgot her nickname) wearing platform boots that was VERY THICK. Infact her boots kinda reminded me of a dollfie's shoes.So after that headed home and watched Vanhelsing before turning in =o

Woke up on monday, tired nonetheless due to me sleeping late. So dddrrraaagggggg-ed myself off to school.So basically i was sorta running at 75-60% power =.= normal school day too (too lazy to elaborate or explain it in details. So the only things left worth mentioning,would be that i met up with Jodi for dinner,Where I met some of her friends and had a little chat with her. But i'm glad we turned out like that, as in just friends. =) Another thing that happen was the practice with my Song Composing Club group for our performance this Wednesday. It was fun! Haha and now we got the arrangement done and all! YAY! And thanks to one senior, we found out we could 'chipmunk' ourselves thanks to the keyboard. With a touch of a button, we could make ourselves sound like The Chipmunks haha. I really don't know what to expect out of the performance this wednesday =s maybe a bit worried...but still i can't wait for it! I m also wondering whether i should ask the person I like to go have a look at the performance. However with the common test next week i doubt she would be able to come. I'll ask her for the next performance perhaps?

I been more down in the dumps recently...mostly due to worrying that this girl would never like me, or that she might be the next Delight...also to make matters worse, Delight MIGHT know her >.<...would Delight get the wrong idea if i went after her?And theres the matter of fixing the friendship between me and Delight. And now with school work piling up...its really stressful for me....sigh please let this come to a good end

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