Saturday, May 31, 2008
Hello! to frequent visitors of my blog, you might have realised that...well my blogs changed.....layout-wise haha hope you guys like this new layout! leave your comments on taggy!

Anyway, as you can PROBABLY see i added a video...(I know u guys are not blind and all but forgive me for repeating) It's a music video by Lifehouse front man, Jason Wade. and it was made for teens who died in automobile it's lryics are pretty meaningful...yup so hence i decided to share...actually this song also represents how i feel 'bout my current crush...yeaps and NO shes not dead or over seas or anything...its jut...well how i feel symbolises what i feel and am goin through now...

So anyway on with my life...I manage to hold a longer conversation with HER yay! though at the end she didnt reply i m still happy...haha now i wish i could be in be a closer friend to her...

Also, I'm going to audition for my chruch's youth service worship team TOMORROW! omg...the pressure >.< I have to play 'Heart of Worship', and 'Touching Heaven, Changing Earth' . I can play 'Heart of Worship' just fine however 'Touching Heaven, Changing Earth' is turning out to be harder than i thought. but still, i m gonna try my very best...wish me luck!okok shall stop here first...there isnt much to post about as it is ONLY the first half of the day....later i m going for a yea post bout it later! Check back lter for updates haha! ciao!

Lol sorry the updates took soo long, the bbq was ok i guess...too much food for once haha!But i got home pretty late so yea...didnt have time to update?So anywayx came home and used lappy and talked to several people online before heading back to sleep...yeap....lousy update i know....please don't kill me for wasting your time XP


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