Friday, May 23, 2008
It seems like i m making it a habit to blog about a days event a day AFTER =.= o well anywayx heres yesterday's entry...well yesterday was slightly better due to it being IS day WOOHOO!~ haha anyway why it's better is because i only have two lessons for IS CommT and IAC...well now actually i only have ONE lesson which is equals to TWO hours EVERY THURSDAY!Why do i only have one lesson now?It's because the other module, IAC, has ended!My group had the presentation yesterday and my part went without a hitch!Actually I think the whole group did it without any problems haha!Before IAC was CommT,which if you NP students still have no idea...its almost like an english class.So anyway if u have read my previous post you would know that my power adapter was left IN school, rendering me unable to post my draft 2 during CommT class my friend who had help me take my power adapter passed it to me and i frantically begin to type in my draft 2 into google docs...okok so that was pretty much it...later was IAC ,followed by...well actually i was i decided to go to the library to hang there i was sitting @ the library blogging away (blogging 'bout wednesday)...after finishing wednesday post(which is posted yesterday =.=) i basically visited ALL my friends blog....yea ALL of it....haha the boredom really killed me so then i decided to go to Ourspace where Lim Sheng was...if u go read his blog you would understand why he's there i just hanged with him there...but before long i was bored again,and hence i proceeded to call the usual bunch,Jamie , Steph, Jodi , and a whole lot of other people INCLUDING some classmates...well most of them had plans, busy, had lessons and such...well steph said ok but she ended @ four and it was i waited till four before joining steph n her friends...they were doing a project so i quietly sat down and did my own project too....I didnt make a single progress though...that was followed by all of us goin for dinner before our cca starts...steph was complaining how much the chinese food @ canteen 2 sucks...and that her friend saidit was good....i guess "one man's meat is another man's poison" XDD so anyway david joined steph and I and we headed for THEIR cca,skate...skate looks kinda fun....mayb i join like next sem?then i sent steph off for her strings before i headed home...i didnt do much @ fact i slept early!again....haha i m getting wierd anyway will post 'bout i hope....ciao!


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